Welcome to the InnerRevolution.Org!

Welcome! TheInnerRevolution.Org is a community dedicated to galvanizing the Inner Revolution taking place on this planet, a revolution toward Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support. We have started by working on our own consciousness and our own behaviors. But we also have lots to offer anyone who is serious about changing themselves and our world.

Before we give you the details about the Inner Revolution and our organization, we’d like to share with you a blog that may blow your mind, while sounding amazingly familiar. (You know how that goes.) The blog is called Is There an Inner Revolution Taking Place on This Planet? I say You Bet, by our founder Beth Green. Published in the Huffington Post in June 2015, this deeply felt and moving commentary pulls together what we are all seeing, sensing and supporting in our own way, and that is the major shift taking place on this planet. Beth should know. First as a social activist and then as a healer, teacher and spiritual activist, Beth has been trying to alleviate suffering since she was 9 years old, and that was a long time ago! Read this blog for a perspective that is electrifying, clarifying, hopeful and grounded in reality. See if you don’t feel affirmed and inspired. Click here.

The Roadmap for the Inner Revolution

Once you’ve read Beth’s blog, check out our Roadmap for the Inner Revolution. Every revolutionary movement needs a message, an analysis and a roadmap. We have one. This section of our site explains in some depth the Three Commitments and Three Habits of the Inner Revolutionary and offers more information about how each of us can participate. This roadmap will help orient you to a possible path for your own contribution. Click here to begin.

What About TheInnerRevolution.Org?

Now we’d like to tell you what we offer anyone who wants to heal and to become a greater blessing to our world. To accelerate and support the Inner Revolution, we need to heal the traumas blocking us, so take a look at our proven programs for individual and group healing. In addition, we need self-awareness, so check out our books, blogs, music, radio show and TV station. To maximize our potential as Inner Revolutionaries and change agents, we need highly effective training programs. You’ll find them here. And finally, we all need support. Our community offers amazing support, much of it free. Almost all our offerings are available live or via the internet. Check it all out at Roadmap for the Inner Revolution. Click here.

A Final Word: The Call to Heal, Learn and Serve

If you want to participate in this historic moment, if you want to help yourself and our world, make a conscious choice to join the Inner Revolution in the ways that are most suited to you. It can start with tuning into Inner Revolutionary Radio, Beth Green’s radio show. It’s a powerful voice for the Inner Revolutionary momentum in our world, and you can participate from home.

You can check out Inner Revolutionary TV on VoiceAmerica.TV, the new TV Channel for the Inner Revolution where Beth features videos from guests that will be appearing on her radio show, as well as other inspiring, galvanizing, motivating videos.

You can also watch Beth’s profound yet warm and entertaining videos on Beth Green TV. You can explore all the offerings of TheInnerRevolution.org, which can be done in person or via the internet. That includes our healing and training programs, books, blogs and music. Also take advantage of our abundant supports, many of them free and, again, available in person and via the net. And think deeply about whether you resonate with our work and want to serve alongside us wherever you live in the world.

If our brand of Inner Revolution does not suit you, go find the healing, training and support that work best for you. Whether or not we ever know your name, you can be part of the Inner Revolution, and we hope that our offerings will support you to find your truest calling.