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Meet Granny Rocks, formerly known as Beth Green, an upstoppable fighter for humanity and a prolific creator of innovative programs, tools, books, music and much more.

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Take Cover at Granny's Place!

February 21, 2018, 6:30pm - February 21, 2018, 7:00pm

Our world sometimes feels like a scary place. The Russians helped Trump get elected, our children are being massacred at school, our environmental irresponsibility is threatening our existence, there’s new attacks on the poor and gays, most of us have too many worries on a daily basis, and our president’s answer is a $30 million military parade. All this makes a lot of us mad, but it also can make us feel overwhelmed, even scared. “Sometimes I just want to take a nap,” says Granny Rocks. But she’s not napping on Wednesday nights. Nope. She live streams her weekly show, Granny’s Place, where she gives us a hug and sits us down for a real Granny talk about the latest news. We’ll laugh, we’ll feel safe, we’ll be soothed by her piano playing, and hopefully we will all be feeling and thinking a little differently by the end of the show. So tune into her upcoming live stream, Take Cover at Granny’s Place! A Haven for Love, Entertainment & Uncommon Sense. The show will be archived on YouTube at Granny Rocks TV: bit.ly/1LG186x. And for more information about Granny and her community, go to theinnerrevolution.org.

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Granny's Place: How to Feel Self-Love When Everything Goes Wrong!

Wow! Watch this video for a fun but sobering romp through the questions of: What is love? What is self-love? And why is it so hard to have self-love? And it all happens with Granny’s Rocks’ delightful and engaging personality, humor and piano playing. This is a gem. Watch it, comment, like it and pass it on! Our world needs more love, and this video will help us all achieve it. If you can't see the video from your iPad or tablet, you can watch the archived video on our YouTube channel, Granny Rocks TV, at bit.ly/2HpcgVz. And check out theinnerrevolution.org for more information about Granny and her community.
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