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Meet Beth Green, a.k.a. Granny Rocks, an upstoppable fighter for humanity and a prolific creator of innovative programs, tools, books, music and much more.

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In this brief preview of her upcoming live stream show, Granny’s Place, Granny Rocks takes on the issues of immigration and sh**hole nations with her unique take on things and her amazing blend of music, humor and truth.

You Don't Need a Visa to Come to Granny's Place lets us know that we are all invited -- regardless of race, religion, gender identification, national origin, economic status, party affiliation, whatever. And we're invited because we all need a place to kick off our shoes and feel loved. And here's the best part -- Granny is absolutely honest with us and herself. She says it like it is about us as individuals and our world, but she does it with compassion and depth of understanding. And we can't stop laughing! And, by the way, it's all improvised -- the words and the music. She just sits down and speaks and plays from the heart.

Starting January 31, Granny's Place will be live streamed for half an hour every Wednesday at 6:30 pm Pacific. Please come to the live stream if you can, so you can "chat" with her. But if you can't make it at the live time, the videos will also be available afterward on YouTube and Facebook.

Like or follow us on Facebook, and you'll be notified every time the show is live! If you prefer to watch her on YouTube, you'll find Granny's Place at Beth Green/Granny Rocks TV. If you subscribe to her YouTube channel, you'll be notified when Granny's Place is live. Granny hopes to see and chat with you then!

"Sweet Baby" James Maynard is Granny's mate and he'll be Granny's sidekick on the show. He'll be the announcer and from time to time, he and Granny will be performing his music, too. Granny's Place is co-sponsored by Granny Rocks and TheInnerRevolution.Org. Granny Rocks is also known as Beth Green, the founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org, who is a well-known author, teacher, counselor, blogger and workshop leader. Check it all out at www.TheInnerRevolution.Org.
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Check out this beautiful collaboration between TheInnerRevolution.org founder Beth Green (also known as Granny Rocks) and her husband, James Maynard (also known as Sweet Baby James), sharing the message of the Inner Revolution with this touching and melodic tribute to changing the world from the inside out! Please share and spread the word! ... See MoreSee Less

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On December 17th, Granny Rocks live streamed a totally spontaneous program called A Gift of Peace for the Holidays. It was fantastic! We laughed our heads off, felt more peaceful and even learned something about having more peace in our lives. (You can watch the whole thing here on YouTube youtu.be/7d_uIyMJT5g.)

But more than that happened. Out of that experience came the idea for Granny's Place: A Haven for Love, Entertainment & Uncommon Sense, and we're launching it on Wednesday, 6:30-7 pm Pacific time. People need a place to kick off their shoes, be entertained, laugh at themselves and feel safe enough to tell the truth. And that's Granny's Place, where Granny (also known as Beth Green) spontaneously raps, jokes and plays music that nurtures us.

We'll be live streaming on Facebook and YouTube, and details are coming. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook so that you'll be notified every time Granny comes on the air live. But, also, mark your calendar. Our first show is Wednesday, January 31, 6:30-7 pm, Pacific time. If you can't make the live show, you can always watch it later. But we hope you can come on live, chat with us and connect to Granny. She wants to welcome you to Granny's Place.

In the meantime, here's snippet out of the Gift of Peace video. Enjoy!
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