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Granny’s Place: A Haven for Love, Entertainment & Uncommon Sense

Live Streamed Every Wednesday Night from 6:30-7pm Pacific Time.

Granny Rocks is the Music & the Message, and she thinks we all need more love and she’s doing something about it!

Having already created four CDs of beautiful music, blogs, videos, books and more, now she’s created a unique kind of show integrating music, humor and commentary. And it is live streamed on Facebook so she can communicate her love, wisdom and humor directly to you, wherever you are, and you can use the chat feature to stream it right back to her. It is also be available later in recorded form on Facebook and YouTube, so it is available to you whenever and wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

The program is called Granny’s Place: A Haven for Love, Entertainment & Uncommon Sense, and her sidekick on the show is “Sweet Baby” James Maynard, who is also her mate and a member of the Granny Rocks Band.

Granny’s Place is live streamed every Wednesday from 6:30-7 pm Pacific time, 9:30-10 pm Eastern time.

Each week she’ll offer a fresh show with spontaneous rapping and music geared to whatever theme inspires her for the night.

Tune into the live show on the Facebook pages of Granny Rocks and TheInnerRevolution.Org, as well as on Granny Rocks TV on YouTube. Try to come live if you can so you can chat with Granny online and you can interact in real time. In the meantime, you can listen to her latest CD, Rumblings of Revolution.

This week’s topic: Live Stream at 6:30pm pacific on February 14

What would you like for Valentine’s Day?

Whether or not we have a romantic partner, most of us would welcome a big dose of love, starting with self-love. When we don’t have it, life can suck. But what is self-love? Do you really have it? And if not, what’s in the way? Coming up live on Valentine’s Day, let Granny Rocks help you and us get through the blocks to loving ourselves in a real (not make-believe) way. Join us live if you can! Put your feet up, cuddle up with yourself or your loved ones, watch, laugh, enjoy and comment. If you can’t watch live, we’ll be sending the show your way sometime as quickly as technology allows. So, if you can’t wait to get a dose of Granny love, come to Granny’s Place at 6:30pm Pacific this Wednesday, Valentine’s Day!

Watch live on Granny Rock’s Facebook page here:

Or on TheInnerRevolution.Org Facebook page here:

Sexual Harassment and Abuse: Let’s Stop Judging and Let’s Start Helping

Inner Revolutionary Men, the Men’s Group of TheInnerRevolution.Org, has produced a video and its members are currently sharing it with other Men’s Groups and the news media to invite them to explore the following question: 

Why are so many men driven to destructive and self-destructive behavior, and how can we help them overcome that drive and help co-create a safer world for us all?

Please click here or click the image above to watch the video and use the contact information on that page to get a hold of us if you want to help or want to be a part of what we’re doing on this topic. 

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