Men and The Inner Revolution

We are a group of men who have come together to liberate ourselves from the deeply held constraints that have isolated us from ourselves and one another. We offer periodic retreats on topics relevant to our key intention — learning how to relate to one another in a real way. Contact Richard Di Santo at 760-518-8350 for additional information on our “Men and The Inner Revolution” series of retreats.

The “Men and The Inner Revolution” program of the began as a one-day experiential retreat dedicated to helping us deepen our relationship with ourselves, one another and The Source (God, Higher Consciousness, Spirit, Etc.). Through this event, and our subsequent events and calls, we have begun to:

  • Understand ourselves on levels we have never reached beforemen's group
  • Tear down walls to relating to ourselves and others
  • Open new vistas to connection and co-creation
  • Help ourselves in all relationships — at home, at work and in the world
  • Start new friendships and deepen old ones

We invite you read our Declaration of Purpose and Intent (click the icon below) connect with us and see if the Men’s Group of is for you.

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