What Students Are Saying

Here are some examples of what CBC students have experienced in the program:

“Participating in CBC feels like coming home. All I have ever wanted was to be with people devoted to mutual support and to the joy of being one.” – Amy Kanner, MD

“I had been stalled with a couple of projects at work, one for more than six months. After embracing the teaching on Becoming Not Knowing and practicing the corresponding meditations, I am making amazing progress!

Solutions I could not find before, that would never have occurred to me, have now entered my consciousness. Cooperation I didn’t expect has come to me! I am so much more relaxed. It has been a blessing to throw off the yoke of trying to be the “expert”! And, this has all been possible through the online version of CBC. I could never have made this much progress without watching the fearless, funny and totally honest videos of the CBC participants.” – Mary Stine, Small Business Owner

“Having been part of this spiritual community for a long time and having done many workshops and lots of therapy, I had the opinion that CBC would be a review of what I already know. I couldn’t have been more wrong! In the last five months, CBC has helped me discover and transform long-held beliefs and patterns hitherto either unknown or unhealed. It has improved my marriage, my relationships with my children and my clients and has brought me a more harmonious experience of life in general.

No matter how much emotional and spiritual work you have or have not done, CBC can help you evolve and transform toward the person you are longing to be; a person who is aware, compassionate, courageous, kind and guided by a consciousness higher than your own.” – Helen Hillix-Di Santo, MFT

“I just wanted to say thanks for all of the work we did together this weekend in CBC.  We have a new Language Arts coach here at school and I went to her this morning to apologize for my negative energy and behavior towards her in the last couple of weeks.  At first she said she “didn’t even notice” but when I said that even if she didn’t, I know it was there and I just wanted her to know that I support her and I know how much is coming at her, and she cried (we both did) and I hugged her. Then we talked more about how everything is going and it was so helpful.  She said I made her week :)

Then there was a professional consultant/staff developer who came to do a demonstration lesson in my room today, and I was very supportive of her too instead of sitting back and criticizing like I have done at other times in similar situations.  I feel more able to focus on what is going well and be honest about what’s not working without having to feel angry at the person for not being perfect or being able to meet all of my needs (not their job!) :)

I feel so different, and I really want to thank all of you for that! – Ann Brennan, Teacher

“Halfway through CBC I realize that I have changed. I was feeling overwhelmed by the suffering caused for so many by society’s self interest. I expressed that overwhelm only through self-righteousness anger and boundless sympathy for its victims. Now I realize how little that accomplished and I am gaining confidence in using tools I have learned from Living with Reality that really can bring change to our world that includes everyone.” – Helena Morrison Social Worker (LCSW)

“Using the principles of Living with Reality, I have gained the opportunity to practice a new way of living and reach a higher level of consciousness based on mutual support of the whole. I have a new enthusiasm for life because I am accepting the universal truth that we are part of the oneness, and this realization frees me to be more open to divine guidance.

I was caught in a paradigm of importance, feeling like other people were more important and that I wasn’t being heard. Now I have shifted to a higher consciousness that knows the collective and mutual support is what is important. I can feel that my contribution has its own value simply by being part of the whole.” – Bobbi Kinner, Nurse (RN, BCN)

“CBC has presented me with a different way of viewing my place in the world. This has given me a certain calmness which has helped me relate to other people and to more easily accept the ups and downs in life as part of the process of the world working as a whole.” – Kacey Keating, Judge

“There is so much that I could say, there have been so many opportunities to transform. I’ll just pick one…compassion. I have become able to pause and take in, in the moment, how I am like the person in front of me that I am judging in some negative way. I can see and acknowledge that I am “that.” I can see what I’m judging in them is also within myself in some way. This timely pause and realization let me return to the person and see them through new eyes, the eyes of openness and oneness — that we are connected.” – Jim Leonard, Delivery Truck Driver

“CBC changed me to recognize the importance of the single moment. Miracles are happening far more than I have given credit, and my feelings of aloneness and hopelessness are not showing up. I feel positive but not Pollyanna. My ego had always counted on the negative experiences of my life to be reinforced and now I am experiencing something different. I can see that not trying to be important or in control lets people see me as real. I have the feeling of being a part of the whole without having to live inside expectations.” – Bill Perry, Architect

“Exciting and transformational!  Consciousness Boot Camp is so much more than learning–it’s an experiential program where you will see yourself in others who are becoming new to themselves and discovering powerful new ways to connect with each other and relax into their destiny.  I signed up for the first training and will never turn back!” – Irene Townsend, PhD, Clinical Psychologist