The Living with Reality book was the foundation of an eleven-month program of transformation called Consciousness Boot Camp, which featured web-based videos of the nine platforms of Living with Reality, along with healing workshop session which were streamed live and then made available via web video. Consciousness Boot Camp is no longer being offered, however, the essence of the program continues as Inner Revolutionary Training.

The first video of each month’s  program was made available for free to the public on YouTube. We’ve included all of those videos here. Enjoy!

Ego, Instinct & Evolution: Are We Ready to Change? Part One

The Human Condition, Who We Are: Part One

Platform One, Becoming Oneness: Part One

Platform Two, Becoming Differentiated: Part One

Platform Three, Becoming Co-Creative: Part One

Platform Four, Becoming Mutually Supportive: Part One

Platform Five, Becoming Self-Aware: Part One

Platform Six, Becoming Integrated: Part One

Platform Six, Becoming Integrated: Part Two

Platform Seven, Becoming Accountable: Part One

Platform Eight, Becoming Not-Knowing: Part One

Platform Nine, Becoming Becoming: Part One

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