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6 days ago

Granny Rocks aka Beth Green

Election Special Granny’s Place: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

In honor of the election, Granny Rocks did a special Granny Raps on the News at Granny's Place. We were all very inspired by what she had to say. Watch it and pass it on. Next week we will be returning to our regular format for Granny’s Place starting at 6:30pm Pacific, with Granny Raps on the News on most Wednesdays at 6:15pm. Also, take a look at the video of Granny’s Kitchen that happened 15 minutes after the live show, where Granny led us in a discussion to deepen our understanding. You can find all Granny’s Place episodes, Granny’s Kitchen gatherings and Granny Raps on the News videos archived at Granny Rocks TV on YouTube: bit.ly/1LG186x.

And join us this coming Wednesday for Granny’s Place and Granny’s Kitchen. First, there’s Granny’s Place at 6:30 pm Pacific, where Granny raps on the news, answers your personal questions and plays the piano, all with a twinkle in her eye, love in her heart, a delightful sense of humor, amazing insight and a gorgeous grand piano. Then at 7:15 pm Pacific, 15 minutes after the live show, you can chat with Granny directly at Granny’s Kitchen, where we gather around the virtual table and discuss the topics covered on the show. We’d love to meet you, and you can join us via phone or computer. (Details below.)

If you don’t know Granny Rocks, she’s also known as Beth Green, commentator, improvisational pianist, intuitively-guided counselor, long-time social activist, author of 6 books and 4 CDs of original music and founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org. And she’s here for us every Wednesday, starting at 6:30 Pacific.

And there’s more: If you have a personal question you would like Granny to answer on the show, just click on the following link and type in your question: padlet.com/todd31/questionsforgranny. You can give us your name or submit your query anonymously. Granny answers all questions in the order she receives them, and she always offers answers with amazing insight, wisdom and compassion.

So here’s all the details. For GRANNY’S PLACE, just come to this Facebook page at 6:30 Pacific. Even better, follow us on Facebook and you’ll be alerted each time Granny is live. (By the way, if you have an apple iOS device, please be sure to watch Granny’s Place on Chrome or on the Facebook app, not Safari.) To join us at GRANNY’S KITCHEN, just download Zoom at Zoom.us on your device. At 7:15 Pacific, open the app and click JOIN A MEETING, enter ID # 599-717-7476 and click JOIN AUDIO and you are in Granny’s Kitchen! You can also call in by dialing 646-568-7788 and entering the same meeting ID and clicking # twice.

Also, most Wednesdays you can join us for Granny Raps on the News live on Facebook
.com/Grannyrockson at 6:15 pm Pacific before Granny’s Place! Granny Raps on the News is a weekly 10-minute livestream that transcends political parties and polarization. Granny offers a take on the news that confronts the truth while helping all of us see ourselves and each other more clearly. Tune in live to chat with her real time and to hear unique wisdom and clarity.

Granny offers love, entertainment and uncommon sense! In the face of all the anger in our world, stand with Granny Rocks. Tune in, like the shows and share them with your friends. To learn more about Granny and her community, TheInnerRevolution.Org, go to www.theinnerrevolution.org or follow us on Instagram @theinnerrev.
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In the cracks grow new life

I be so glad when the commercials are over.

Me too!

Health care for every body and lowered drug prices.

Love that!!!

Hi Granny! Thank you so much for your "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" show! You always have such amazing UNcommon sense. Keep those shows "a comin"!

People can get bankrupt paying medical bills

Agreed. We have to come together.

Solar is so easy.


Hoping that the ripple becomes a tidal wave

or should not be reveloutionary.

Is it possible that the banks own us and the presidency is just a symbol to make us feel better?

Hello, love it!

HI Bill Mauzey!

Great show!

Hi Laura, nice to see you here!

We can do this. What else can we do?

Potato salad and compassion

Hi Louann!! Mayra & I are going to have to go pay you a visit!!

Hi Louann..miss ya!

Potluck society!

Hey Louann

Hi LIsa Crowell! Hi Valerie Evans! Hi Emily McLain!

Yes, why is that revolutionary?

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6 days ago

Granny Rocks aka Beth Green

Granny Raps on the News Combines with Granny's Place at 6:30 for a Special Election Edition! ... See MoreSee Less


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Screen frozen

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This is awesome. This applies not only to children, but to us as well. We need to stop comparing and start learning. Life tests us to show us where we need support. Let’s embrace the learning.

World Economic Forum
Education is about progress, not exam results. Read more: wef.ch/2NAXqNz
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What a wonderful idea -- trading competition and stress for love of learning and discovery!

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