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5 days ago

Granny Rocks aka Beth Green

YOU Ask the Questions. Granny Provides the Answers!

How do I deal with my fear of getting close to my daughter again now that we have recently reunited after she cut off all ties with me 17 years ago? How do I handle myself when I am with people who are disagreeing with each other and are being unpleasant or judgemental? What can I do to move towards forgiveness of my mother when she hasn’t taken accountability for the abuse she allowed to happen to me and she continues to say and do hurtful things to me? These questions were addressed on this week’s Granny’s Place, and they were addressed with warmth, humor and uncommon sense. And, yes, Granny’s responses were surprising, enlightening and relatable to all of us. So tune in yourself to watch the show. And also take a look at the video of Granny’s Kitchen that happened 15 minutes after the live show, where Granny led us in a discussion to deepen our understanding. Please continue to send Granny your questions by following the link below, and tune in next week if she didn’t get to your question this week. Don’t forget to like and share this video, too. We wish everyone would take advantage of Granny’s special flavor of wisdom and entertainment. Details below.

If you would like to submit a question to Granny, go to the following link and write your name and question: padlet.com/todd31/questionsforgranny. Follow this page on Facebook to be alerted when Granny’s Place is live, and like, comment and pass this on to your friends. If you have an apple iOS device, please be sure to watch the video on Chrome or on the Facebook app (not Safari). When you come live, you can listen, laugh and chat with our Granny’s Place hosts. All Granny’s Place episodes and Granny’s Kitchen gatherings are later archived at Granny Rocks TV on YouTube: bit.ly/1LG186x.

And join us after Granny’s Place at Granny’s Kitchen: A Place to Process Our Feelings & Feed Our Souls! Granny is opening her kitchen to all of her listeners live via Zoom from 7:15-8:15pm Pacific every Wednesday night for support and guidance, processing, clarifying, answering questions and developing mutual support with other listeners. To join, just download Zoom at Zoom.us on your device, open the app and click JOIN A MEETING, enter ID # 599-717-7476 and click JOIN AUDIO and you are in Granny’s Kitchen! You can also call in by calling 646-568-7788 and entering the same meeting ID and clicking # twice.

NEW! Join us for Granny Raps on the News live on Facebook.com/Grannyrockson every Wednesday at 6:15 pm Pacific before Granny’s Place! Granny Raps on the News is a weekly 10-minute livestream that transcends political parties and polarization. Granny offers a take on the news that confronts the truth while helping all of us see ourselves and each other more clearly. Tune in live to chat with her real time and to hear unique wisdom and clarity.

We hope to see you at Granny Raps on the News, Granny’s Place and Granny’s Kitchen on October 17th!

To learn more about Granny and her community, go to www.theinnerrevolution.org or follow us on Instagram @theinnerrev.
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Better to try and choke on your food than to choke on your words and feelings.

Meant to say foot not food. Haha


It does help to practice. That feels better than saying nothing

Hard to not open mouth and insert foot sometimes!

Good to see you too Karen

No to abusers, yes to me!

Yes to you!

Hi Erica and Stacey

good to see u too💛

Thank you Chris

Thanks Karen

Yes we do

Hi Arya’s

Hi Beth

Hi Chris





We care


I care 💕

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5 days ago

Granny Rocks aka Beth Green

Climate Catastrophe: Money Won't Save Us! ... See MoreSee Less


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Janand, I used a different mic..Let me know.

Thanks for letting me know. Less business travel. Less global warming. Smile.


just caught the good by... will watch later

At the airport 👍




I love you!

Hello Granny

Thank you!


Scary and painful



It is Wednesday! I am so glad to be with you today.

Good morning


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1 week ago

Granny Rocks aka Beth Green

Kavanaugh & Ford: The Underlying Conversation ... See MoreSee Less


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Kav *wasn’t* inappropriate in his youth. Ford’s “witnesses” contradicting her position. DiFi used Ford as a tool to try and prevent a pro-life judge from getting on the court.

Granny - right on! I have been angry at men FOREVER and disgusted with myself for kowtowing to them to feel safe while seething with resentment. From this space - I rush to defend a woman against a man, EVERY TIME, and don't stop to be neutral. This is hard but I'm going to keep working on being neutral - thank you for your courage Granny, to speak up. Again 🙂

Hello from saint Louis

I agree with you, Granny. I am now aware that polarizing by automatically believing what any woman says about sexual abuse by men made me feel power, though this is not true power. You’re helping me see that being neutral and honest is REAL power and that’s what we all need. Thanks for bringing this up.

Conversations with each other’s histories - that makes sense.Thank you! I have not been neutral.


Very thought provoking - made me think and ask "what was it in me that was triggered by the Kavanaugh matter that caused me to be predisposed to favor the accusers? " I think, for me, it was guilt over how I'd used women for my own sexual gratification and thus now feeling more sympathetic to women with complaints of being subjected to inappropriate sexual contact. I wonder what has been triggered in others....

I was afraid to tell my parents



This is us! Donny Rocovits




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