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Another song by Beth Green, this time a vocal expressing our longing for home. Hope you enjoy it. If so, like, comment and pass it on.This is first song on Beth's exciting album Rumblings of Revolution. Longing for Home is a vocal tune with a lush instrumental background. It expresses our c... ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Granny Rocks: The Music & Message of Beth Green

The Shutdown, the Ego & the Victories

We loved how Granny was able to identify the victories of people showing compassion for one another and not showing egoic separation during this shutdown. But more than that, she talked about how we are becoming more aware of how the ego struts about, regardless of the consequences to us and others, and how we and our egos tend react out of the fear of looking weak. And there was much more. Tune in to hear about the signs Beth is seeing people awakening. Granny Rocks Our World (GROW) airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 15 minutes at 6:30 pm Pacific time. If you missed the show, please check out this recording. Also all our videos are archived on our YouTube channel, Granny Rocks TV at bit.ly/1LG186x. And join us again Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays for the warmth, wit and wisdom of Beth Green as Granny Rocks Our World!

To learn more about Beth Green and her community, TheInnerRevolution.Org, go to www.theinnerrevolution.org or follow us on Instagram.
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Hi Kim!

Interesting topic. Love it. Hello to you both.

Wade and Robert here

Richard and Helen are here!

Welcome, Justin Davis!


Eugene Or


Hi guys granny and James

Hello Kim and Simone! Hi Helen

Thank you! 😘

Hi Granny and James!

Hey Kim👋


I loved hearing about how people are awakening more and more to the need for compassion and caring instead the egoic posturing that is so prevalent in our society and public discourse! Tune in to the video to hear more about how this is taking place.

Hi Peeps!

Hi Wade and Robert 😊👍

Hi Beth

Hi Robert 🤗

Hi there!

Arriva New City

Hey Liz!

Hi Granny!

When are we getting rid of trump?

Hi Granny, so glad you're doing this!

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Give yourself a break to watch and listen to this beautiful music video that will give you hope.This song is beautiful, heartful and moving. It expresses the depth of our personal and collective pain, yet it brings us to a surprise emergence at the end.... ... See MoreSee Less

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I love tyhis piece! Each time I play it I feel it differently. Thank you!

I experienced this music as an emotionally compelling journey through human pain, suffering and angst to an intensive and prayerful plea for relief to a sudden shift into an extremely pleasurable feeling of well being. Wow! What a masterpiece of expression of feelings through music and a healing experience, as well! I recommend this music most highly to all who would like both to experience beautiful music and, in the process, experience a deepened connection with their inner being!

Thank you for your haunting, heartfelt music. Melancholy at times, but where hope takes flight, too.

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