Activity: Summer Camp Anytime

We love summer camp! It gives us time to play and learn in a super fun environment. There are no grades and no pressure, just long and luxurious days of exploration and relaxation. And of course, we get to share feelings of closeness and enjoy laughter and learning.

Here are ideas to help you, your family and your friends to experience summer camp at any time. A great camp experience includes:

  • Adventures in nature
  • Crafts
  • Healthy yummy snacks
  • Songs
Plan ahead:
  • Create scavenger hunt cards. Consider your outdoor environment and what is readily available to find, touch and gather. Take 3 x 5 cards and write sensations (soft, sharp, cold, hot, pointy, slimy, etc.) as well as feelings and qualities (happy, scary, sad, excited, nervous, trusting, friendly, peaceful, freeing, powerful) on them. For children younger than 8 years old, use sensation-based words; for older children, use feeling or quality-based words. When it’s time for the scavenger hunt, simply send people out to look for what’s on their card(s). It’s best to have people work in small groups of 2-4, with 2-4 cards per group. When it’s time to re-group, invite everyone to share about what he or she found and listen.
  • Pick crafts from this list: ; or choose your own! We encourage you to choose crafts that use recycled materials and /or items that you can gather outside in your immediate surroundings. This is an opportunity to emphasize having fun with simple things as well as a chance to be creative in a loving environment. Consider how many people will be joining in the fun and their ages as you choose the craft. Gather your materials, map out your craft area and make sure to protect furniture if you’re indoors.
  • Provide healthy, yummy snacks – let’s keep it simple and sugar free! Nuts, fruit, water with lemon, cheese, yogurt or other foods that won’t hype the kids up on sugar and are easy to prepare. If you need some inspiration, here’s a list of healthy sugar-free snacks:
  • Plan your songs! Pick your family favorites. Here is a link to some songs that many of us remember:
Itinerary for the Day:
  • Scavenger Hunt – to get outside, get moving, feel connected to the earth!
  • Craft – to encourage creativity without judgment; this is an opportunity to just have fun!
  • Healthy yummy snacks – to keep us going
  • Songs! – to help us integrate the experience and express ourselves
  • Share – to provide time for self-reflection. Gather your campers together and ask everyone to share about the experience: What new things did they learn? How did it feel to not compete or strive for a grade and simply play? What was the best part of the day?

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