Personal Values

Exercise 5 - Personal Values List

The following list of values will help you develop a clearer sense of what’s most important to you in life. Simply print out and follow the instructions in the book. Firstly I want you to go down the long list of values and highlight which values mean the most to you. Take your time. Look at each value and see what you feel. See what resonates with you. As you scan the values list below, you may find that while most values have little or no significance to you (and some may even seem negative to you), there are those values that just jump out and call to you, and you feel, “Yes, this value is part of me.” Add it. Whether its honesty, or justice, or happiness or integrity. Only highlight the values that really speak to you, that really mean something to you. This is exercise is more about feeling than thinking and its 100% about you.

Now that you have highlighted your shortlist of values, I would like you to go over that list again and circle the five main values that mean the most to you from that list. I know you might feel this is difficult, but please go ahead. Finally, once you have your shortlist of five, I would like to you select one value from that list that speaks to you the most. That you identify with the most.

This exercise will help you get to know yourself slightly better by identifying to you what’s important to you in life, in your work, in your relationships, in where you choose to live etc. Feel free to add more values to the table below.

Honesty Fun Connectedness Safety Change
Integrity Motivation Partnership Resourcefulness Meaning
Happiness Fulfillment Adventure Respect Growth
Trust Success Love Fairness Purpose
Freedom Personal Power Self-respect Service Creativity
Kindness Security Focus Peace Authenticity
Risk Taking Respect Fame Congruency Abundance
Romance Tradition Humor Harmony Spirituality
Compassion Nurturing Organized Accomplishment Accuracy
Certainty Courage Spontaneity Family Health
Achievement Balance Adaptability Closeness Integrity
Leadership Flexibility Joy Mastery Individuality
Devotion Intuitiveness Determination Orderliness Confidence
Inventiveness Competence Commitment Friendship Ambition
Performance Empowerment Liberty Hospitality Justice
Mindfulness Originality Accuracy Patience Order
Fearless Professionalism Resilience Independence Honor
Self-reliance Teamwork Enthusiasm Community Self-control
Thoughtfulness Wisdom Youthfulness Support Tranquility

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