Volunteering Abroad

I have researched and contacted the following organisations below. They would also be happy to receive your help.  The reason why I have added these links is because volunteer work is a very effective and crucial way in helping people make a career transition. To take a break from what they usually do in their work life and try something new, something they love. Something they may never have had done if they were not aware of the possibilities available combined with the skills and life experiences they too have to offer.

For me, volunteer work was so rewarding regards the relationships with locals I made, the deeper knowledge I gained from that country and the enjoyment of being involved with something I love. I learnt so much about myself through doing volunteer work. It’s an amazing experience and feeling to give back whilst doing something you love in a place you love.

Pick a country. Pick the type of work you want to do and off you go. It’s brilliant.

  1. HelpX http://www.helpx.net/ - Links travelers worldwide with farms, hostels, ranches and boats to work a few hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation.
  2. Work Away www.workaway.info - Enables budget travelers to work in a country they like. In exchange for a few hours work a day, you can receive food and accommodation.
  3. The US Peace Corp http://www.peacecorps.gov/ - Financially supports young Americans (only US Citizens) to live and work abroad in a country and area of work they would like to work in. This can be for a year or more.
  4. VSO Voluntary Service Overseas http://www.vsointernational.org/ - Enables volunteers to work in a social area of their choice and in a country they like. There is some help given with accommodation.
  5. Woofing http://wwoof.org/ - Links interested volunteers with organic farms willing to receive their help and together build sustainable food and farming systems.

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