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For years, Granny Rocks, formerly known as Beth Green, has been offering media of many kinds, books, blogs, music and teaching videos that changed our view of reality. But now Granny Rocks is taking advantage of the enormous potential of online media broadcasting to rock our world and feed The Inner Revolution. And we need it. Many of us are stressed, unhappy, frustrated, disappointed, depressed, anxious, addicted or dissatisfied. Most of us are distressed by the state of our world. And many of us suspect that the problem is us – human consciousness.

Enter Granny Rocks — The Music & The Message and now Granny’s Place, are the brain children of Granny Rocks, an incredibly intuitive and funny lady! Granny Rocks is a longtime activist, first socially and politically, then spiritually. She is an advocate for self-awareness as the key to transformation from the inside out. Granny founded The Stream Center for the New Spirituality in 1983, which became TheInnerRevolution.Org in 2015 and she has been counseling and teaching since 1980. Multi-talented with numerous media publications, she has five published books, four albums of original music, countless articles and training videos under her belt. 

Here’s the simple message:

If we are going to feel better, we have to change our world. And if we are going to change our world, we have to change ourselves. And if we’re going to change ourselves, we have to tell the truth, turn everything upside down and turn ourselves inside out. Here are some ways to do it together, and if we do it together, we can make The Inner Revolution that can change the world! 

Here’s what’s available:
  1. Granny’s Place: A Haven of Love, Entertainment and Uncommon Sense: A brand new, weekly, YouTube live-streamed series starting in January 2018. This weekly show will feature Granny’s unique take on recent events appearing in the media, the news and anything else she feels guided to talk about. Be a part of the show and chat with Granny’s team live on YouTube. The show airs at 6:30 PM Pacific Time every Wednesday night and all you have to do is to Granny Rocks on Facebook and you will find her! 
  2. Granny Rocks TV on YouTube: Granny tells it like it is, and does it with warmth, humor and an original mind. In this selection of videos, she explores many different facets of the Inner Revolution. With her intuitive gifts Granny goes into the deep psychological, spiritual, emotional and economic reasons for the way that we are. This YouTube channel is here to mobilize us to meet the true needs of all of us and the Earth through a variety of media offerings. Check it out!
  3. Inner Revolutionary Radio Podcast: Granny and her co-hosts offered a weekly one-hour show from 2014 to 2017 which was the voice of The Inner Revolution on The archive is now available right here on this website and on iTunes and other podcast platforms. 
  4. LifeForce: The Inner Workout, Granny’s original, intuitively guided mind-body-spirit exercise program that delivers greater energy and relaxation. LifeForce is not a currently produced program, but there are many archive videos available and they are powerful! Each workout is unique, combining sounds, words, movements and breathing in a unique combination that frees us up emotionally spiritually and physically. LifeForce takes around 15 – 20 minutes. It’s easy to do – in fact you can do it from a chair – and it’s available any time of day or night. There’s a new workout every week, so you never get bored. And it’s free. Hey, it’s hard to come up with a reason not to do LifeForce!
  5. A rich library of Granny’s videos, which are longer, more comprehensive inspirational or teaching experiences, covering all kinds of topics. These topics range from Rallying for the Inner Revolution: What Are We FOR?, The Inner Revolution: Confronting Our Gods and Freeing Ourselves, to talks on her book, Living with Reality. Take your time to check them all out on the Granny Rocks TV channel on YouTube.
  6. And don’t forget Granny’s books, blogs and music. Check it all out on this website.
Now Here’s the Pitch

We want you to participate! There is an Inner Revolution happening on the earth right now. We see things changing all around us and people are challenging the status quo and fighting for a better world. Join the Inner Revolution! We have to begin by changing ourselves and TheInnerRevolution.Org and Granny Rocks can start that process.

Take advantage of this amazing variety of programs that help us think and be different. Watch Granny Rocks TV, LifeForce and Granny’s other videos. Engage your friends in conversations about these programs. Share the programs through social media. And don’t forget to donate to these programs. All donations are tax-deductible and make you feel warm inside.

There are so many ways to participate in The Inner Revolution! So many ways to heal and change ourselves from the inside out! There are so many ways to help co-create the world we want to live in by joining the movement afoot on earth, The Inner Revolution! 

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