InsideOut: Voice of The Inner Revolution on, Beth’s weekly one-hour show is a powerful voice for The Inner Revolution, a movement to support the inner changes that can bring higher consciousness and healing to the world. Beth invites other Inner Revolutionaries as guests on the show, people who are also willing to challenge the tyrannies of the status quo in order to bring higher consciousness to the world. She brings The Inner Revolution to the radio waves and into your homes. She intersperses the guest shows with caller shows that addresses topics of interest to The Inner Revolution.

It’s always safe to be real on InsideOut. Beth and cohost James Maynard are open about themselves, and guests and callers alike are invited to share thoughts and ask for help from Beth, whose x-ray vision can often offer a brand new realization. InsideOut Radio is broadcast live Tuesdays at 3 pm Pacific on, 7th Wave channel. And it’s permanently available after that via podcast. You can use a computer or a cell phone to access it. VoiceAmerica has even has a mobile app.

So check out InsideOut.