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Beth Green was trained as a classical musician but had to stop performing due to illness at age 15. She found electronic instruments in her 50’s and suddenly discovered her gift as a composer. All of Beth’s music is composed and performed by her on electronic keyboards. Her early music is soothing, mystical, intimate and beautiful. And, her most recent music — as Granny Rocks, is an expression of our longing for a better world and determination to get there. Half vocal and half instrumental in a seamless blend of classical, rock, jazz, pop and other styles in an original mix that is heartfelt, lyrical, fresh and always surprising. Click on each image below to hear excerpts and order online.

Rumblings of Revolution

Rumblings of Revolution expresses our times — our questioning of the traditions that hurt us and others. It embodies the spirit that with inspiration, determination and support, even the humblest can rise. Moving us from our longings and pain to joy and forward momentum, the music is outside the box, combining vocals and instrumentals, as well as different styles and instrumentation from many different genres to make each song unique. In our very polarized times, this album helps bring us together in the way that only music can achieve. It’s beautiful, honest, raw and inspiring.

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Beth Green is Winner of The Akademia Music Awards for Best Music Video - Instrumental/Classical
‘As a beautiful three-part classical instrumental piece matched with stunning original art, Beth Green has created a truly imaginative masterpiece.’
-The Akademia Music Awards

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The Mystery Trilogy

On the Mystery Trilogy, each piece was composed at a different time for a different album. “Into the Mystery,” the first piece, (also available separately, below) was composed most recently. It broke a long drought of Beth’s, during which time she was not composing music. Then suddenly, this piece came to her. Only when it was finished and named (the name also just came to her) did she realize that it should be combined with the other two pieces from previous albums, whose names, coincidentally, happened to have the word mystery in them. When she listened to the three consecutively, she realized that they belonged together and that, together, they had a punch that they didn’t have alone.

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Into the Mystery

The lead piece of “The Mystery Trilogy,” you’ll find that “Into the Mystery” opens a journey of exploration into peace and oneness. Click the button below to learn more about this track and it’s place in the Mystery Trilogy.

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More Mystery

The music is beautiful, soothing and healing and can be found as part two of “The Mystery Trilogy.” Click the button below to read the “liner notes,” listen and purchase this track.

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Beyond the Mystery

This song is the second piece of music Beth ever wrote. Part three of “The Mystery Trilogy and included in the album, “The Gift of Peace,” this music calls you into another dimension and ever deepening states of consciousness.

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In the Mist

Produced in 2009, this album is a beautifully haunting program of music that brings you into another dimension.

“This is Beth’s third album and possibly her best! I love the soulful beauty and depth of her music. When I listen I am transcended to a higher level inside of myself. I like to play the CD while I work, because it makes me feel relaxed and energized at the same time. It’s wonderful!” - Kim Divers

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A Soul’s Journey

Life can seem like a series of moments, many of them difficult and painful. Yet through the mystic heart, life is experienced as a wondrous journey. Earthy, romantic, soaring, energetic and bittersweet, A Soul’s Journey is a composition in eleven movements. Richly orchestrated, this beautiful music awakens and nurtures the mystic heart in us all and invites us to experience our own journey as a never-ending process of becoming.

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The Gift of Peace

This meditative and moving music was offered by Beth as a gift to help soothe the soul. Please accept these free CDs as a gift of peace from us, and pass them wherever you choose. This music has traveled around the world, as people pass along the gift of peace. This CD is free of charge, except for shipping and handling if you want the physical copy. You can also receive a free download below. Donations are appreciated to help keep the program going.

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