The New Spirituality Forum 11/6/2013

  On our Forum call today we asked ourselves the question of what we have learned since our Spiritual Service last Sunday, a service in which we all looked at the question of “What is our true nature and what is the aspect of ourselves that blocks that true nature?”… Read More.

Esoteric Arts and Sciences Class

Our Consciousness Boot Camp (CBC) specialization in the Esoteric Arts and Sciences has met twice now and is focusing on utilizing the astrological horoscope to ascertain clues as to the divine fragment that is seeking expression in each person’s life.  The horoscope represents a circle of being that shows patterns in… Read More.

What is Peace?

The following are replies from Beth Maynard Green to “Questionnaire: Views on Peace.” Recently, Beth was asked by a former UN worker and student from the UNESCO Peace Chair University of Innsbruck, Austria, to answer questions on peace given her background as someone “committed to help transform both the inner… Read More.

A Modern Mystery School

A surprising discovery in Southern California: a full-blown modern mystery school, which does not describe itself as a mystery school, but which, under the guidance of inner plane masters, provides a rigorous training program whereby people are assisted to connect with higher consciousness and to dissolve ego barriers so that… Read More.