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Pathways for Participating

Since TheInnerRevolution.Org offers a feast of programs and services, both free and fee-for-service, you may be wondering, “Where do I start?”

Here are a few suggested pathways. These certainly are not the only pathways, but they provide some direction and options to guide you in your journey:

Free Options:

Learn about Free Support

Fee-for-Service options:

Private Time with Beth

Weekend and Half-Day Retreats

Inner Revolutionary Training

If you have any questions about these programs or would like to discuss how to get started based on your unique level of skill and interest, contact Todd Benton at toddbenton [at] or (760) 731-4855.

Volunteering is run by its all-volunteer staff, each of whom grow immensely by taking part in retreats and other events that hosts, and by helping to lead the way. Our organization is growing and we can always benefit from the support of other like-minded people who have energy, passion and a commitment to sharing their gifts.

If you believe your background, skills, time availability and interests are a good fit for one of the positions listed below, then please send an email to [email protected] Contact us if you are interested in volunteering and don’t see your skills or interests represented in any of these open positions.

Team Position Responsibilities
Financial Management Fundraising Coordinator Participates in efforts to generate sustainable donations to help us unite our world in Oneness
Grant Writer Composes grant requests to potentially like-minded donors and foundations
Social Media Producer Create and post content on our social media channels - including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Operations Administrative Assistant  Support the management in fulfilling the mission of
Communications Administrative Assistant Support the outreach director in finding distribution partners for’s educational materials — books, articles, music, videos.
Graphic Design Graphic Artists & Designers Design flyers, web content — buttons, banners, etc. and other project related graphic design as needed.
Recruiting Recruiting Coordinator Manage the process of advertising for, screening of and placement of volunteers to fill positions

If you are dedicated to making a contribution to our efforts to change the world from the inside out,  please consider making a one-time or recurring financial contribution to help our work continue to make an impact.

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