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Granny Rocks, formerly known as Beth Green, is a fighter. Since the age of nine, she has brought her her courage, wisdom, compassion, wit and intelligence to everything she does. She both challenges the status quo and shares her powerful creative talent with the world. As a true Inner Revolutionary, she fights with the intention of healing rather than defeating the opposition. In these times of anger and divisiveness, she is a leader who will stop at nothing to stand up and fight for a better world, but she does it with compassion rather than a sword.

She has the capacity to connect to a consciousness that transcends our normal everyday view and brings that into every situation. With her tremendous insight and deep compassion, she supports us all to confront life-long habits and behaviors and hone our own intuitive skills so that we, too, can be blessings to the world. Her powerful intuitive abilities have been demonstrated over decades of helping people become more self-aware and change their relationships to themselves, others, and the process of living.

Beth Green has fire in her belly and courage in her heart.  Her compassionate, eloquent, down-to-earth messages are invariably directed toward helping real people — you and me —  but they are also aimed toward the welfare of the Earth itself.

Beth was there for decades when nobody else was, standing up for important life-affirming issues. Her grasp of critical problems is sweeping, and is grounded in the nitty-gritty problems of daily life we all contend with. Her internet presence is not a boutique, self-promoting website like so many, but is dedicated to  high purposes and practical ones as well.  I swear she is equally at home with stuff as mundane as dandruff and as critical as global warming and species collapse.  She is concerned with our future and what it will look like.  Do yourself a favor:  Tune in.  Pay attention.  Follow Beth. Your life will be richer as a result.”

Larry Dossey, M.D., Author, One Mind:  How Our individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

A spiritual innovator and original thinker, Granny has always been a revolutionary. Born in New York City in 1945, she became a social activist at the age of nine, this despite the repressive political environment of McCarthyism. Already at that young age, she espoused unpopular causes, hoping to help alleviate inhumanity and suffering. In 1961, at the age of 16, she wrote a heart-felt letter to the New York Times calling us to consciousness about nuclear proliferation. The letter was published around the world and led to her expulsion from an Ivy League college, which she was attending on scholarship. Despite this very painful setback, she remained a devoted activist, intensely participating in the anti-Vietnam War movement and a variety of other struggles for social and economic justice. Her last political commitment was as the West Coast coordinator of the Wages for Housework campaign 1974-1978, advocating the social empowerment of women through their economic equality.

After many years of devotion to social revolution, Granny had a spiritual awakening in 1978 at the age of 33 and a psychic awakening two years later. Since that time, she has been guided by an inner voice connected to higher consciousness and a total devotion to authentic spirituality. Having turned her focus to the inner revolution, Granny in no way lessened her concern for the wellbeing and evolution of others. On the contrary, when she discovered her spiritual power and phenomenal intuitive gift, she used them to bring through and develop new teachings and a new world of modalities to effect real change on the individual and collective levels. Below is a short list of her career highlights:

  • Since 1980, she has been an intuitively-guided counselor for individuals and groups with tremendous insight into the minds and souls of her clients.
  • In 1983, she founded The Stream, now TheInnerRevolution.org, a nonprofit educational organization committed to transparency, mutual support and living oneness through the tools and practices that have come through her.
  • In 2005, she developed LifeForce: The Inner Workout, an innovative mind-body-spirit exercise program available free on the internet. (Add link to YouTube channel here)
  • In 2013, she launched InsideOut Radio on VoiceAmerica.com, a free weekly show dedicated to spreading the news of the Inner Revolution and to building a community of people dedicated to transforming the world from the inside out! The show was later titled Inner Revolutionary Radio and hosted by Todd Benton, Helen Hillix, and Chris Reese until November 2017, our last broadcast. Click here to check out our podcast of previous episodes. 
  • She has published 6 books: 2 fiction and 4 non-fiction. These books are moving, intense, enlightening, funny, emotionally powerful and carry her teachings in ways that people can clearly understand. All her books are available via Amazon.com.
  • She has also composed and performed 4 CDs of original music that carry listeners through spiritual and emotional states that are heartfelt and transcendental. Two are available via CDBaby as well as Amazon.com, and one is available as a free download on this website.

Today, through workshops, talks, blogs, YouTube videos, music and more, she supports us in accessing the divine wisdom that flows through us all. And she always surprises us with something new that she’s cooked up to try and help the planet! Her latest is Granny Rocks.

Granny Rocks is her creative expression that combines music as well as commentary on life and the soul sickness that we’re suffering from, and how to get through it. Through her engaging commentary on the music and her process in writing it, we are inspired to face and persevere in the challenges we face in life as well. Granny Rocks is not making music just for herself. She’s reminding us who we are deep down inside and calling upon us to make the basic and fundamental changes we need to make to move in the direction of the world we want.

A 72 year old semi invalid, Granny hasn’t been able to play music since she was 15 when she was compelled to stop playing the piano, which was her deepest form of self-expression. But over the last decade or so, technology has come to her rescue and she sees the opportunity to connect to her music in an even more profound way than she had before, creating music that expresses her soul and her connection to all of us. And she is looking forward to the opportunity to offer Granny Rocks experiences, performances that combine beautiful and heartfelt music with self revealing and insightful commentary about our times and how we can move forward together. To that end, she’s excited to announce her new show!

Granny’s Place: A Haven for Love, Entertainment and Uncommon Sense!
Weekly Live Streamed Show Started January 31, 2018. 

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While Beth is continuing to offer workshops and free events for TheInnerRevolution.org, she is focusing on bringing Granny Rocks to you. Through the miracles of technology, Granny Rocks can come to your community.

For more information on how to book a Granny Rocks experience, contact Helen Hillix at [email protected] or 760-518-5267.