Human Grace

Recently Beth was inspired to write lyrics and to two great classics “This Land is My Land” and “Amazing Grace.”  The new songs are titled “This Song was Made for You and Me” and “Human Grace.”  The first was created to help offset the fear and despair that we’ve all felt at one time or another.  The second was created to release the shame and guilt we inflict upon ourselves and others.  Both songs are uplifting and are a call to our hearts to open to the Divine Light that is available to each and every one of us.  Beth has been sharing these songs over the past week with clients and workshop participants, and all who sing them are moved by the songs’ abilities to touch the core of their being.  I’ve attached copies of the songs for all of you to enjoy.  I invite you to sing them and allow yourself the opportunity to connect to their light and to share them with anyone you feel is right.

In addition I’ll be performing versions of the songs that will be recorded and available on YouTube very soon – so stay tuned.  There is more musical inspiration on the horizon!

Rozz Hopson,
Music Director

If you feel inspired to write your own stanza, please share it with us in the Comments section below.

Human Grace

To be sung to the melody of Amazing Grace

When we were young we watched the birds
And wanted to fly free,
And now we know our hearts can soar
We are one with all we see.

There was a time when we were taught
To judge, fear and compete.
I felt alone and scared of you;
Didn’t know how to be me.

When shame is used to raise our kids
They learn they need to hide,
But Source has made us as we are
To share what is inside.

Let’s feed our spirits and our hearts,
Let’s turn our shame to flight,
Let’s be aware of what we do,
Be guided by the light.

We’ll teach our children self respect,
We’ll teach compassion too,
We know how hatred hurts ourselves,
Hurting me when hurting you.

The Source has given us this earth,
The forest and the sea
To find the balance with all life
And live responsibly.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
That helps us to be free.
Our hearts can soar when we sing out
Our love for you and me.

Lyrics by Beth Green
Copyright Beth Green 2009
Please use the song, just credit Beth
Contact for information

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