Inner Revolutionary Radio

Inner Revolutionary Radio was conceived by Beth Green in 2014 and launched on internet radio that same year. It continued as a weekly show on VoiceAmerica until November 2017. Now, the entire archive is available in podcast form.

We’re also planning to offer new episodes periodically and you’ll be able to find them on iTunes and other podcast platforms. 

The premise of the show is this: We all know there is too much pain in the world. We see it everywhere — violence, war, poverty, racism, but we are beginning to see real signs of an Inner Revolution and Beth Green and her co-hosts are spokespersons for the movement. Early on, Beth spoke with inspiring Inner Revolutionary guests like Sister Simone CampbellSakena YacaoobiDr. Larry DosseyKatharine Hayhoe and Prince Ea to name a few, and then Helen, Todd and Chris joined the team and interviewed many others.

After being interviewed by Beth, Dr. Larry Dossey, said the following about Beth:

Beth Green has fire in her belly and courage in her heart.  Her compassionate, eloquent, down-to-earth messages are invariably directed toward helping real people — you and me —  but they are also aimed toward the welfare of the Earth itself. Beth was there for decades when nobody else was, standing up for important life-affirming issues…

So check out Inner Revolutionary RadioThe archives are still available on the website. Soon, we’ll link to their new home. 

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