Inner Revolutionary Training

An ongoing monthly program led by Founder Beth Green, the Inner Revolutionary Training Program (IRT) is a program that teaches people to become more effective change agents and activists in the world.

This program helps students remove ego-based barriers to evolution and to be guided by a consciousness greater than our own. It also teaches participants to orient their lives around meeting the needs of people and the Earth, since that is missing from our current socio-economic system which is organized around competition, money and profit. 

Because TheInnerRevolution.Org is an activist community, the trainings are oriented toward helping all who attend to change the way we approach activism, changing ourselves from the inside out, changing the groups and organizations that we support. We work to overthrow ideas of separation and contention and move toward Oneness. Based on the principles in Beth Green’s groundbreaking book, Living with Reality, IRT prepares participants to become Inner Revolutionaries in whatever ways they are guided, whether in business, counseling, politics, education, healthcare, parenting or any other endeavor. 

Halfway through IRT I realize that I have changed. I was feeling overwhelmed by the suffering caused for so many by society’s self-interest. I expressed that overwhelm only through self-righteousness anger and boundless sympathy for its victims. Now I realize how little that accomplished and I am gaining confidence in using tools I have learned from Living with Reality that really can bring change to our world that includes everyone.Helena Morrison, Social Worker (LCSW)

This program is an integral part of TheInnerRevolution.Org not only because of the content of the program, but because the majority of the monthly meetings are based on topics that Beth is guided to create within the larger context of spiritual activism (with Beth and others participating via video-conferencing from Oregon and other parts of the US and the world.) For intensive training and community time with Beth Green in person, the program meets for weekend long retreats twice a year — at least once a year in Central Oregon in the gorgeous McKenzie Bridge area where Beth lives. However, all trainings are also conducted via Zoom web conferencing so you can participate from anywhere. 

Why We Need Inner Revolutionary Training

In order to become a change agent, an activist, someone who has the passion and intention of changing the world for the better, we have to have tools. We have to be able to relate to others in a heartfelt and honest way in order to cross the many apparent divides that keep our world stuck in ego-based ideas about each other and how the world works.

Participating in IRT feels like coming home. All I have ever wanted was to be with people devoted to mutual support and to the joy of being one.Amy Kanner, M.D.

We have to overcome those divides and be able to live by the three principles of TheInnerRevolution.Org, Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support. We must see that we are not just our brother’s keeper, but that we are One, we ARE our brother, and that what we do to each other, we do to ourselves. And what we do to ourselves, we do to each other. This is Oneness.

We must be able to acknowledge that we are accountable for the impact that we have on each other — the impact of what we say, do and even think. This is Accountability.

We need to acknowledge that we can only thrive if everyone is thriving in a world that is thriving. We must learn to support the whole that supports us. This is Mutual Support.

In order to integrate these principles into our daily lives, we need training and practice. Inner Revolutionary Training offers this training and practice, along with other services and programs that we offer. Why do we need training? Because we are not trained to overcome the teaching that tells us we are separate and that we need fight against others who believe differently than we do or look different. We have to be trained to think differently and act differently. We have to be trained to know how to change ourselves and all the groups to which we belong, to change from the “I” focus to the “we” focus.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the work we did together this weekend in IRT.  We have a new Language Arts coach here at school and I went to her this morning to apologize for my negative energy and behavior towards her in the last couple of weeks.  At first she said she “didn’t even notice” but when I said that even if she didn’t, I know it was there and I just wanted her to know that I support her and I know how much is coming at her, and she cried (we both did) and I hugged her. Then we talked more about how everything is going and it was so helpful.  She said I made her week 🙂

Then there was a professional consultant/staff developer who came to do a demonstration lesson in my room today, and I was very supportive of her too instead of sitting back and criticizing like I have done at other times in similar situations.  I feel more able to focus on what is going well and be honest about what’s not working without having to feel angry at the person for not being perfect or being able to meet all of my needs (not their job!) 🙂

I feel so different, and I really want to thank all of you for that!Ann Brennan, Teacher

Even groups that intend to do good in the world can develop unhelpful ways of relating internally or between themselves and other groups. We have to give up being self-protective and learn to live as One, which can be quite a challenge and the best reward there is! In order to support the creation of change agents in our world, people who have a passion for changing human consciousness and helping to co-create a better world, we must have such ongoing programs and the communities to support that challenging work in the world.  IRT is such a program. For more information and all the details, call Co-Director, Helen Hillix at 760-990-9053 or email her at [email protected]

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