InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: Do You See Signs Of Greater Consciousness? Let Us Know!

On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion Call we shared our observations of the current state of humanity and whether we noticed signs of greater consciousness or not. Overwhelmingly the participants said that they DID see signs of greater consciousness, both in themselves and in the world around them. What an inspiring and uplifting conversation we had this morning! Everyone left the call feeling that there is, indeed, hope for the collective of humans on earth at this time. One man shared his connection with the Native American leaders and said that there was a celebration happening now in their community of the global shift in energy in humanity, that a 500-year cycle has ended and that great consciousness is coming in now. How exciting!

Others shared different observations and information. One woman shared a recent development in the penal system, in which serious criminals are kept working in society, without incarceration, and are making smooth transitions back into regular life without incident. Beth Green says that when the criminal justice system changes, the world will change and it seems to be so. Other people shared such newsworthy events and a movie from Earth Day about astronauts who were transformed by their experiences in space and the greater consciousness that came from their experiences. Others described how the education system has shifted toward more consciousness and greater accountability and what a cleansing that has brought to the system.

What are you observing in the world? Do you see evidence of greater consciousness? Can you see it in your own life? Write to us about these observations and share what you see or don’t see. We’d love to hear from you wherever you are in the world. Join our online community where it is safe to be real.

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  1. This feels so encouraging. It’s wonderful to hear the positive changes people are seeing. It makes me believe that we can all make the necessary changes that this world needs.

  2. It feels hopeful to me too! In our family, we are developing self awareness and breaking down hierarchy. We are all working on being guided by higher consciousness. Not doing it perfectly, but we are doing it. This is a huge shift for us!

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