InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: Does Humanity Have Too Much Power or Too Little?

On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion call today, we faced the question of whether humanity has too much power or not enough. What an interesting question at this time in human history. Look at the state of the world! Doesn’t humanity have too much power? We’ve destroyed the climate with our “power.” We have wars with each other, striving to show that we have power OVER each other. But, don’t we resort to greed and violence because we feel weak? So, doesn’t that mean we have too LITTLE power?

Callers on the show today shared lots of situations where each of them had tried to get power over their co-workers or children or spouses or even their own egos. One woman shared that she had a hard time in an interview with a prospective employee when her bosses wanted to hire him because they could see him at the bar with them. She had a surge of ego and wanted to judge, instead of having the perspective of what would bring real POWER to the company. She experienced the difference between having power OVER and power FOR. This is such an important distinction for humanity to make!

Another caller shared that she has always wanted love, but in lieu of that, she has gone for power over others. She was expressing how much pain she felt observing that pattern and its cost to her. She shared her desire to have power FOR and move forward into this energy. A man shared that he has seen people missing the love by getting caught up in patterns started by their parents who fought for power with each other, power over the children or each other.

What is your version of this pattern? How have YOU gone for power over something or someone instead of power FOR someone’s evolution or for some productive purpose? Join our online conversation. We’d love to have you join us!

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  1. I saw recently that my drive for power OVER has really come from giving up on being loved, it’s a great relief that I can look towards having power FOR the purpose of bringing healing to humanity. What a better choice! Thanks, Beth

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    I love your comment, Irene! What would the world be like if everyone could learn this lesson about having power FOR others and empowering the world, rather than having power OVER them? Thanks for making this point.

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