InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: Ego or Consciousness? Does Ego Always Win?

On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion call we continued the challenging discussion of whether the ego always wins or not. One experience we had immediately was that a participant was unconsciously representing the ego is her manner of sharing. We all enjoyed seeing how easy it is to fall prey to the ego’s suggestions that we are being misunderstood or attacked in some way and we just HAVE to explain or defend ourselves! We can always laugh at ourselves, eventually on this call and that is our saving grace! It can be really uncomfortable to have our egos challenged, but if we can be amused by ourselves and our reactivity, then the ego is definitely NOT winning!

The power of the radio show itself and the laser beam insights that Beth has for every caller has heightened the level of consciousness on our calls, because many of the participants call in. Even if we are doing something very unconscious and share that on the radio show, the ego isn’t winning, again, because we are reaching out for support. What a powerful way to help consciousness win! And if consciousness wins, the ego wins! We are not attempting to eradicate the ego itself, only its domination over our lives.

Several people on the calls shared how their evolution seems to be quickening as they are integrating the 15 Minutes with Beth into their monthly schedule of support. The insights garnered there, along with the other supports are helping us truly feel that the ego is not winning in our lives any longer, even when it says it IS winning. That’s something that Beth has told us many times, that the ego will so often tell you that you are in your ego. Be aware! Many people have dropped out of consciousness work saying that it’s just their egos wanting to look good! Well, what WOULD the ego say if you are doing work that will surely threaten the domination of the ego?

People could see how their consciousness is showing up at work, at home, on their mutual support calls, everywhere. There was also sharing about painful it can to see how dominated we have been by ego and how important it is to get support and be compassionate or the ego will shame us mercilessly and make us hate ourselves as yet another way to regain control…it’s very sneaky! Join our conversation about whether the ego is winning in your life or whether you are noticing that your consciousness is prevailing more consistently than before. We welcome your input!

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  1. I was really impacted by the callers on this show. Calling in and intervening with those egos
    And how amazing how tricky the ego is — someone can be moving forward and the egos tells them — oh no that’s not right or makes that anxious or wrong. I am beginning to understand how deeply you have to look to discover what’s underneath. How important it is to get support to really keep moving forward and evolving. Thank you for another great show.

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  3. Thanks for your comment, Annette. Isn’t that the truth?! We have to have SO much support to not fall prey to the domination of the ego. It’s a lifelong challenge, no matter how much we intend to be beyond it. That’s what we’re here for, in The Stream and on InsideOut…to help the ego evolve, and we even enjoy it a lot of the time!

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