InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: Revolutionizing Relationships! Supporting Relationships in Healthy Ways

On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion Call we shared about revolutionizing relationships by offering healthy support. It was a lively conversation with deep and honest sharing about sometimes-painful situations in which the callers described how they have been supporting others in more direct and healthy ways. One woman who used to think that support was making other people feel better rather than supporting them to face reality, shared that she was able to support her husband in a brand new way. She was able to help him see patterns of behavior he had been denying and even though he resisted, he ultimately thanked her and was relieved with what he discovered.

Another caller acknowledged that she was confused about what support really meant. She realized that she tended to merge with or resist authorities instead of telling them the truth and challenging them to the right thing, which would be healthy support. She is not alone in thinking that support should look like alignment. Throughout the call, we heard people sharing their hesitation to be honest with others and to support them by pointing out the truth, but sharing that since the onset of movement, they have been overcoming their fears of offering healthy and honest support with universally gratifying results. Of course, not every experience of healthy support brings the desired outcome, unless you consider how it contributes to changing the world’s paradigm of real relating; in other words of revolutionizing relationships!

We also identified who we need to offer more support to. Some saw that they needed to support their co-workers and be more honest with them about their careers. Another woman realized that she has tended to merge with her sister and fall into negative or unconscious behaviors and that she could offer more support to herself and to her sister.

How have you supported someone in healthy relationships lately? Is there someone you need to support more? Share your thoughts and experiences with our online community. We welcome you wherever you are.