INSIDEOUT FORUM DISCUSSION CALL: Telling the Heavens, We Have Too Much Fear and Too Much Pain!

On today’s Forum Discussion Call we continued the conversation from Tuesday’s InsideOut show about telling the heavens that we have too much pain and too much fear. Who could possibly argue with that, but we are certainly not taught to express that to anyone, let alone the heavens! The closest to that occurring in our traditional lives is someone complaining to “high heaven” that their wife is a bitch or their husband is lazy or their kids are insolent. In its own way, this is probably as close to complaining to the heavens as we are allowed to express. Where did this come from?

Several participants discussed the fact that they were brought up in religious traditions and family traditions of a rigid and scary hierarchy. They were taught that NO one was allowed to question the hierarchy of the church and its teachings and that same structure was often reflected at home. One man shared how frightened he was of his father’s dominating style only to realize recently that he had perpetuated that same painful pattern onto his relationship with his younger brother and to others. He also shared that he had attempted to confront the higher ups of his former school district and made suggestions about the needs of the students, only to be told “no.” He did not have the support to continue to confront that resistance, so he gave up and eventually gave up on the idea of making a difference in the world.

This is what most of us experienced! We wanted to make the world a better place as children, but our dreams dried up along the way.  A woman questioned how we even begin to confront the heavens. She said she had recently made a proposal to her school district to confront a problem and to offer a solution and it was accepted, so she is feeling great that she had actually begun to do this in her life. The quandary of how to do it with the heavens was eluding her, however. Another man suggested that just having a conversation with “God” or higher consciousness, telling the universe and the heavens what we need, would be one way of doing that. He suggested a practice like Beth shared on the radio show, of arising each morning to ask, “How we can help each other today, God?” This eliminates the idea of the perfect God while offering partnership to the evolution of the whole, which is what we mean by the “heavens.”

What is your experience of telling the heavens what is wrong on earth? Are you afraid to do it? Do you believe that God is all powerful and all perfect? Join our online community and share your thoughts and feelings.