InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: The Corruption of Social Media and the Subversion of the Inner Revolution

On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion Call we challenged each other to examine our use and the general use of social media and how it relates and sometimes subverts the Inner Revolution. It was relatively easy to come up with examples of how social media is corrupted and how we each have contributed to it! From focusing on wanting to look a certain way to other Facebook  friends to fearing being exposed to unknown people, we shared how our patterns of social media use have subverted the Inner Revolution, in that we have not been conscious about the way we have used this resource. It could potentially help others to see that they need to change themselves in order to change the world, but sometimes we have been caught up in looking good or proving a point, without even checking out its accuracy. Doing this simply further divides us, undermining the very purpose of the Inner Revolution, which is to help us change ourselves in ways that will support the necessary shifts in human consciousness that can save the world, literally.

One caller shared that she has curbed her old desire to constantly post photos of herself that say, “Look at me! Isn’t my life wonderful?! Aren’t I having a great time?!” She realizes that she also developed an attitude of “posting stuff that matters won’t really make any difference anyway, so why bother?” What a cop out! and I am that! I know I have done the same thing, thinking it won’t make a difference if I don’t share this or that opportunity for transformation or challenging idea that comes my way.  Another caller owned that she posts things without fact checking them and has found out that this often means she is perpetuating lies.

Several callers shared their experiences on the other end of the spectrum and discussed how social media has helped them express more of themselves by posting what matters to them and becoming known in a deeper way by the people they work with and others. One shared that a person told her how much they had been impacted by something she shared, although this person never commented or gave her any other feedback.

How do YOU uses social media? Are you asking whether something is true or not before you post it? Are you exposing what your heart’s desire is for the world in YOUR posts and are you challenging yourself to see how YOU need to change to change the world? Join us, wherever you are! Join our online community and express your experiences and thoughts about how social media is corrupted and subverts the Inner Revolution.

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