InsideOut Forum Discussion Call: What Is the Inner Revolution and What Is Your Part?

On today’s InsideOut Forum Discussion Call, callers explored the topic of the Inner Revolution and shared how they saw themselves in that movement, if they did. There was such excitement and inspiration shared on the call as one person after another spoke of the changes in their individual and collective lives! We were all amazed at the steps that everyone on the call had taken to join the Inner Revolution and how each could see that their personal changes were having an impact on others, collectively changing the way humans behave and feel and think! It’s a hopeful time in the evolution of the collective and we are all feeling that on this call!

One woman shared that she had made a proposal to her school district to create her dream job of supporting her district to take on the challenges of English Learners in a more cohesive and committed way… and she found out yesterday that the district office approved it! A man shared about how his clientele for his webpage development business are changing and how he is working with MUCH more conscious people who want to make a difference in the world in the fields of education, business, the environment and how excited he is to be a part of this shift. Another caller shared how she is taking herself on more seriously, being more supportive to others rather than being so self-centered. Another woman shared that having recently received an inheritance, she will be able to pursue consciousness work in a much more dedicated way. Yet another caller shared how she is healing an age-old belief that she is evil in some way and how that held her back from becoming her true self and how this is such a powerful Inner Revolution for her, opening her gifts to the world in a powerful out-flowing of chi! Another man shared how his energy is flowing, too, having confronted his deep self-protective nature to now being willing to share about what he believes and what has helped him, being more open than ever before, taking his place in the Inner Revolution!

What is YOUR Inner Revolution? Are you overcoming self-protection or other blocks to taking YOUR place? Join our discussion and express yourself in a place that welcomes you!

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