Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy Training & Certification

  • This is a combination program with online study and two live, in-person weekends
  • The next live, in-person classes are March 22/23 and March 29/30, 2014 in Bonsall, CA
  • Completion and passing the evaluation provides eligibility for certification as Hypnotherapist
  • The program provides CEUs for MFTs, LCSWs, RNs
  • You can start the online portion of the program anytime
  • Total program fee: $1,200

Are any of these true for you?

  • Are you a spiritually-oriented person seeking new skills for self-healing?
  • Do you have a passion for helping others?
  • Would you like to work professionally in the intuitive hypnotherapy counseling field?
  • Do you already have training as a therapist, but would like to increase your skills and effectiveness?
  • Are you a Registered Nurse, Marriage & Family Therapist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker seeking continuing education units?

Then consider our Intuitive Hynotherapy Training & Certification program, a path to well-being and service. Our program is holistic and transpersonal, combining:

  • spiritual teaching and tools,
  • the development of your intuition for more effective therapeutic interventions
  • hypnotherapy training and certification

Combining all three can help you help yourself and others as a lay person or as a paid professional, which can start you on a new life course or help expand the course you are already on. The 100+ hour training comes through a twelve-week program, a combination of ten weeks of online videos and reading, followed by two back-to-back weekends in person. Included in this program are an online book plus 33 hours of training video lectures that enrich the book, a hypnotherapy manual, an intuitive counseling manual and 60 hours of videos recorded from a live two-week intensive, containing training and practice content, all for just $1,200.

The next in-person part of the training is in March 2014, but there’s a lot of preparation before the in-person class begins, so it’s not too early to register. A 50% nonrefundable  deposit will hold your spot and give you access to the learning center, so you can start reading the substantial textbook and watching the video lectures, including the Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy Training videos. Completion of these assignments is required before you attend the two-weekend live and in-person training. Watch our new video for an introduction to this comprehensive training program below.


The Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness, in conjunction with The Stream, a nonprofit organization, is offering a 100+ hour program to train intuitive counselor-hypnotherapists, who would then be eligible to become certified as hypnotherapists and practice their craft on a professional level. The purpose of this program is to provide a well-rounded approach to intuitive counseling-hypnotherapy, enabling the practitioner to hone his/her intuition for more successful intuitive counseling-hypnotherapeutic interventions, as well as to gain some depth of understanding of human psychology, so that practitioners may integrate the powerful processes of using intuitive counseling-hypnotherapy into a counseling context and increase the efficacy of their work as counselors and/or hypnotherapists.

Students who successfully complete the program, including examination, will be granted a certificate of completion in intuitive counseling-hypnotherapy, as well as the status of certified hypnotherapists. Advanced trainings will be available in the future for those who wish to improve their skills and capabilities. The advanced trainings will be co-led by Beth Green and James Maynard.


  • This is a combination program with online study and two live weekends
  • Next live classes are March 22/23 and March 29/30, 2014
  • Completion and passing evaluation provides eligibility for certification as Hypnotherapist
  • Provides CEUs for MFTs, LCSWs, RNs
  • You can start the online portion of program anytime

The intuitive counseling-hypnotherapeutic processes and techniques will be taught online and in-person in a 12-week program, supplemented by a PDF file of a 250-page manual by co-teacher Dr. James Maynard, a pioneer in the field of transpersonal hypnotherapy. In addition, students will be provided with a PDF version of Living with Reality, a ground-breaking book on human consciousness by internationally-known intuitive counselor, Beth Green, and 33 hours of videoed lectures about the book. There will also be 20 three-hour videos provided containing footage from a ten-day live training intensive.

Together the teaching covers the basics of what an intuitive counselor- hypnotherapist needs to know to be able to offer useful therapeutic interventions. This includes a wide range of topics, including hypnotic inductions, regression, sub-personalities, post-hypnotic suggestions and techniques regarding specific addictions or other personal issues. The teaching will also cover techniques for developing a student’s intuitive capacity, so that he/she may more successfully utilize the intuitive counseling-hypnotherapeutic processes, as well as provide training to increase the student’s understanding human consciousness and the counseling process and its challenges.

Click here for full details on the Course Contents for the Level One Training & Certification program.

The intensive is offered as a twelve-week program, the first ten weeks of which are provided via the internet.

Before attending the live, in-person classes in March 2014, students will be expected to have read one of the two textbooks, Living with Reality: Who We Are; What We Could Be; How We Get There. This 688-page book provides a broad understanding of human psychology and includes self-help exercises and tools for living and transformation that have been used successfully for over 10 years. Also prior to class, students will be expected to have watched the video lectures enriching the book. This material based on the book is critical to obtain a philosophical and practical understanding of the principles and processes that are the foundation of the teachings that will follow.

There are also 20 three-hour videos of the August, 2013 live training intensive, which was led by Beth and James. All students will be required to watch these videos and pass weekly tests in order to prepare for the live, in-person, two-weekend classes in March 2014. These videos are vital, also, in that they provide the experiential component which focuses on the participants becoming “instruments of healing,” which requires that each student embrace the work of transforming himself/herself in the process.

Once at the intensive, students will have two weekends of live instruction, plus they will be required to do practice sessions with one another in order to internalize their skills. And finally there will be additional mentoring and examination, which will enable the instructors to support the students, as well as to determine whether or not the students are ready to receive a certificate of completion of the course work.

Students will be observed and mentored during the course of the in-person intensive, and once all the course work is completed, students will be given an opportunity to demonstrate sufficient mastery of the materials to be awarded a Certificate of Completion in Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy granted by the program’s co-sponsors, The Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness and The Stream, a nonprofit educational corporation. This certificate will qualify students to receive hypnotherapy certification both from us and a national association of hypnotherapists, should students choose an additional certification.


This 100+ hour teaching program, supplemented by the required reading of the book and manual, will be offered beginning in January, 2014, with the live weekends on March 22/23 and March 29/30, 2014. You may begin the online portion of the program anytime. The tuition for the entire program is $1,200.  Space is limited, but a nonrefundable deposit of $700 will hold your place, plus give you access to the online Learning Center where the book and all of the videos, both for the Living with Reality lectures and the 20 3-hour videos from the live intensive will be available, so that you will be prepared for class in advance.

The balance of the tuition is due seven weeks before the live training. If you prepay the balance, but are unable to attend, we will refund your money minus any credit card fee up to the 50% deposit for the live workshop or give you credit toward an upcoming live weekend series. The $700 for the books and videos in non-refundable, as you can use them anytime. Space is limited, so it is advisable to register as soon as possible, not only to ensure your place, but also to allow yourself time for the extensive reading and viewing of videos that are required in advance of class.  You may pay by check or money order to The Stream, c/o Rose Evans, 740 Hansen Lane, Ramona, CA 92065, or pay by credit card by using PayPal below.

Deposit: $700.00 [s2Member-PayPal-Button level=”1″ ccaps=”” desc=”Online and Live Intuitive Hypnotherapy Training, March 2014 (Deposit) /Live Sessions March 22/23 and 29/30, 2014″ ps=”streamcenter” lc=”” cc=”USD” dg=”0″ ns=”1″ custom=”” ta=”0″ tp=”0″ tt=”D” ra=”700″ rp=”1″ rt=”L” rr=”BN” rrt=”” rra=”1″ image=”!&f=Calibri-Bold&ts=24&tc=ffffff&tshs=1&tshc=222222&it=png&c=5&bgt=gradient&bgc=9d46cc&ebgc=3b184f&hp=13&vp=10″ output=”button” /]

Balance: $500.00 [s2Member-PayPal-Button level=”2″ ccaps=”” desc=”Online and Live Intuitive Hypnotherapy Training, March 2014 (Balance Payment) / Live Sessions March 22/23 and 29/30, 2014″ ps=”streamcenter” lc=”” cc=”USD” dg=”0″ ns=”1″ custom=”” ta=”0″ tp=”0″ tt=”D” ra=”500″ rp=”1″ rt=”L” rr=”BN” rrt=”” rra=”1″ image=”default” output=”button” /]

Pay in Full: $1,200.00 [s2Member-PayPal-Button level=”3″ ccaps=”” desc=”Online and Live Intuitive Counseling-Hypnotherapy Training (Pay in Full) / Live Sessions March 22/23 and 29/30, 2014″ ps=”streamcenter” lc=”” cc=”USD” dg=”0″ ns=”1″ custom=”” ta=”0″ tp=”0″ tt=”D” ra=”1200″ rp=”1″ rt=”L” rr=”BN” rrt=”” rra=”1″ image=”!&f=Calibri-Bold&ts=24&tc=ffffff&tshs=1&tshc=222222&it=png&c=5&bgt=gradient&bgc=9d46cc&ebgc=3b184f&hp=13&vp=10″ output=”button” /]

Note: The tuition does not include food or lodging. It does include intuitive counseling-hypnotherapy certification from our institute, and it also makes you eligible for automatic certification by a national hypnotherapist organization, which you can elect to pursue at an additional cost. PDF files of the book and manual are included. Paper copies of the book and manual may be purchased at an additional cost.

Bonus Benefit: Anyone who has paid for our Intuitive Hypnotherapy Training & Certification Program will be entitled to a 25% discount on one year of Consciousness Boot Camp, whether the pre-recorded internet-only program (CBC Full) or CBC Live & Personal, which combines pre-recorded segments with live teaching in person or via the internet. You can take CBC wherever you are in the world, as long as you have access to the internet.


Dr. James Maynard, was the founder of the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute in 1986. A practitioner and instructor in the field of hypnotherapy for over 30 years, he is the author of the seminal work Transpersonal Hypnotherapy: New Horizons in Hypnosis for Transcending Personal Frontiers and has been a speaker at major hypnosis conventions, including those of The National Guild of Hypnotists, the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, the Midwest Hypnosis Convention and the Washington Hypnosis Association. An experienced provider of hypnotherapy training, James is the author of the hypnotherapy manual for this program. He received his Ph.D in Counseling Psychology from the International University of Professional Studies. He is also a co-founder of the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness.

Helen Hillix-Di Santo, MA, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in private practice since 1985. She has studied both academic psychology, intuitive psychology and integrated healing. Her experience includes directing an alternative inpatient psychiatric facility, working with terminal pediatric cancer patients and a wide range of outpatient issues in private practice. She has worked as an intuitive counselor for the past twenty years, with individuals, couples, families and groups. Helen also offers supervision to counseling interns and other therapists. She brings her warmth, humor and intuitive skills as the co-leader of the Level One Training, along with co-leader, James Maynard. Beth Green is the co-leader of the advanced trainings, along with James Maynard, and has been an internationally-known counselor, consultant, author and teacher since 1980. The author of 5 published books, including Living with Reality, she has been a frequent contributor to many publications, such as the Huffington Post, and was one of only 28 contributors to The New Science & Spirituality Reader, co-edited by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Prof. Ervin Laszlo. Beth is also known as a teacher of intuitive counseling and has facilitated dozens of workshops on personal growth. She is the other co-founder of the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness. Beth and James have mastered the art of intuitive hypnotherapy and work together as a team in their own private practice. They also have provided many trainings together via the internet.

For more information, contact Helen at 760 941-8215, or [email protected]