London, UK Book Talk Event

Luke Hancock has been invited by The London Spiritual Movement to talk about his book, journey and new business venture on Friday December 14th in London. Click here to buy the book.

The talk will partly be about having the courage to listen to your intuition and take action to follow your dreams. Having the courage to make it happen regardless of what others think is right for you. Its about having goals and embracing your Power of Choice. Overcoming limiting beliefs to break free of the constraints of the system and conditioned thinking. Being guided from within and consciously choosing what you want from your life. Reclaiming your personal power and living life to your full potential.

In addition to the book, he will also talk about his next project Mundos Divinos. An ecological retreat located on South West coast of Thailand, offering holiday retreats designed specifically to help clients heal, grow, transform themselves and their lives. He and his partner Susana leave this January and plan to open Oct 2014.

Luke has been on a long and transformational journey of healing and personal growth that has taken him around the world. Luke will share with you his personal trials and learning’s from the corporate/consumer world that have brought him to the place where he is now. For anyone wanting to change their career, life or thinking, or simply wanting to be inspired, this is the event, talk and book for you. It could change your life.

The location is the Conference Room, Canterbury Hall, 11 – 18 Cartwright Gardens, WC1H 9EE. We start around 7pm.

Please invite your friends, family and colleagues. The more the merrier. Entrance is donation based. Suggested minimum is £10 per person, of course feel free to give more if you so wish. An envelope will be given at the end. I will also bring some copies of the book for sale at a special discounted price of £10.

Finally a social drink has been organised for after the event, at the local pub opposite. The Mabel.

It will be a great night. See you there.

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