Mundos Divinos

Mundos Divinos is a project I have created with my partner Susana for holistic healing and wellness with the objective of helping people re-balance their body, mind and spirit and so their lives. Bringing together healing retreats, teachings and workshops of both Eastern and Western philosophies and culture to our guests in beautiful natural and peaceful surroundings. We will offer a special supportive space for the personal healing journey of discovery and awareness, transformation and self empowerment to take place. We believe this time is crucial for every individual to have at least once a year so that they may continue to constantly heal and grow throughout their lives, that way moving towards living their full potential. This personal journey is needed for recharging one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Mundos Divinos offers life-changing holiday retreats that enable our guests to cope with the ever-increasing stress-filled challenges of everyday life. But more than that, we offer teachings and tools to help clients live their lives from a more empowered position of personal strength, namely that of choosing your state, your path and your life.

Healing and Personal Growth and Environmental Sustainability. The first pillar, healing and personal growth, focuses on offering different steps of holistic programs to heal people of physical and emotional pain, trauma and the stresses of modern day life. To self empower clients and help them better understand their life goals and so enable them to make more informed choices and so help them reach their full potential in their relationships, career and life.

Education is the heart of the project both on the personal level of awareness and transformation and on the New Earth business models.

Mundos Divinos will also be a place of rest for tourists to just enjoy their holiday and relax. The project, located by the beach and the forest on the south west coast in Thailand, will be designed to be part of nature.

The project exists to serve, heal and support the personal growth of individuals through the use of holistic therapies. In addition we will teach and implement the sustainable ecological business principles of the New Earth to generate income for local entrepreneurs.

If you are interested in joining me on this project please email me at [email protected] Thank you.


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