A Modern Mystery School

A surprising discovery in Southern California: a full-blown modern mystery school, which does not describe itself as a mystery school, but which, under the guidance of inner plane masters, provides a rigorous training program whereby people are assisted to connect with higher consciousness and to dissolve ego barriers so that they may become agents of the divine.

Before describing the school, let me tell you about myself. For the past 40+ years, I have endeavored to be on a spiritual path devoted to God and the “Ascended Masters,” including involvement with various “mystery schools” of the Eastern and Western Traditions. These have included the Arcane School of Alice A. Bailey, under the Master Djwhal Kuhl (“D.K.”), the Findhorn Community in Scotland, the Rosicrucian Fellowship and Builders of the Adytum, under the Master St. Germain, the Golden Dawn Society and others. In addition, for over 30 years, I have worked as a spiritual hypnotherapist employing spiritual and therapeutic modalities.

Yet only recently have I discovered what I consider to be a “modern mystery school,” which has existed behind the scenes for over 30 years in southern California under the auspices of a collective of the Ascended Masters, whose channel and founder is Beth Green.  Unlike myself, who had studied about the Masters and who had been familiar with various of their schools over the years, Beth was contacted from within – with no prior knowledge about the Masters – and was guided to found and develop a spiritual community and center for higher consciousness that is in alignment with the teachings of Master Djwhal Kuhl.

Before I talk about the school itself and what I consider to be a first-rate teaching program, I’d like to talk a bit about Beth and why I consider her a credible channel of the Masters. Prior to a spiritual awakening in 1978, Beth was a social activist with absolutely no knowledge of spirituality or the esoteric. She had an abrupt awakening in 1978, and she began to channel God, who set her upon a spiritual path whereby she has been receiving divine guidance on an ongoing basis ever since. Following this guidance required absolute discipline, because she was guided in every aspect of her life – from what to wear and eat, to where to live and what to teach. With virtually no knowledge or support from others, she followed this rigorous discipline and was contacted by Jesus in 1980, who advised her to be ready to encounter two Masters who would come to her – one coming as a man; the other, as a boy.  Thereafter, Lord Maitreya appeared to her on the inner plane, along with Master Serapis Bey, in the appearance of a youth.  Thereafter, she was contacted by, and worked with, Master Djwhal Kuhl, for a period of time, before being contacted by Lord Kuthumi (“K.H.”), who became her main teacher.  K.H. was one of the Masters responsible for the founding of the Theosophical Society and the release of esoteric wisdom to the public beginning in 1875.

Is there any evidence to support the validity of these contacts? First, Beth became an intuitive counselor in 1980 under the auspices of the Masters, and her accuracy in reading into the hearts of clients is astonishing, as is her ability to “see” incidents in their past that have been foundational to their difficulties. She also channels chi energy that puts people into altered states of consciousness. In addition, she has channeled five books and three CDs of original music, and the information is original and of a very high value. In addition, there are daily “miracles,” all of which have been witnessed by virtually hundreds of people who have been in her life. For example, in 1982, Lord Kuthumi guided Beth to take certain steps to take to help a client who had a bladder infection.  She was told to go to a building in the Los Angeles area in order to find the “Materia Medica,” the foundational book of homeopathy about which she knew nothing. The building was deserted and padlocked. Nonetheless, she followed the guidance and knocked on the front door for 20 minutes until a man finally came to the door.  The man was a janitor who explained the building was closed. She insisted that she had been sent to that place to find this book.  After insisting that there was nothing in the building, the man gave her the card of a woman who he thought might have the book.  Beth called the woman and told her about the guidance.  The woman did, indeed, have the book, invited her to come to over, lent the book to Beth, and Beth was able to intuitively pick a homeopathic remedy that cured her client’s bladder infection. In another instance, K.H. told her to sell her house and to move, even though she had no money. He pointed out an ad in the newspaper for a house that he told her she would buy for the emerging Stream spiritual community.  K.H.’s words were:  “See that ad in the paper? You are going to buy that house.”  Despite the fact that Beth could not qualify for the house, she insisted the agent make an offer. Miraculously it was accepted. K.H. even guided her in what provisions to include and exclude in the real estate documents – all of which changes were accepted by the seller!  The sale was consummated even though Beth had to borrow the entire down payment, which she was able to pay off in one year!  These examples are only indicative of Beth’s daily life, where she is guided moment by moment to do the impossible.

At the time of her spiritual awakening, Beth was told by God not to study with anyone or read any book, because God wanted her to be a blank slate for divine guidance. And so it has been. Following K.H.’s directions, Beth founded “The Stream” in 1983, and it is now a flourishing spiritual community, a non-profit organization and modern mystery school that continues to provide spiritual guidance and tools for identifying and healing self-limiting patterns in the unconscious and for facilitating connection with divine consciousness.

If you are not familiar with the concept “mystery school,” let me reiterate my definition. As I indicated previously, a mystery school is a rigorous training program whereby people are assisted to connect with their Soul – or higher consciousness – and to dissolve ego barriers so that they may become agents of the divine.  Dr. Jean Houston has done much to popularize these principles through her own mystery school of long standing.  At the Stream and the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness, disciplines are utilized to accomplish this, examples of which are spiritual practices, such as meditation and LifeForce Inner Workouts; intuitive, state-of-the-art psychological healing modalities that clear blocks to higher consciousness; and teachings about the mysteries of the workings of the inner and outer worlds in which we live and move and have our being.  To be a complete mystery school, it is not enough simply to teach mental concepts, as do some schools, or provide spiritual practices only, as do many other schools. To be a true mystery school, the program needs to provide a comprehensive approach that combines spiritual and modern psychological modalities to accelerate one’s evolution toward truly being an agent of the divine.

“The Stream,” along with its affiliate, the “Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness,” does all of that. We are now sponsoring a new training program, the first year of which is called “Consciousness Boot Camp,” whereby such a comprehensive approach is provided, and I will be participating in this school as a teacher and student, which we all are.

I am excited to share with you this modern approach to achieving higher consciousness – a “boot camp” for intensified transformational work for overcoming the domination of the ego and becoming a clearer expression of the divine. Since I have been involved with The Stream as my own personal “boot camp,” I have experienced deeper transformations than I ever had before!  I have tackled, head-on, ego-driven patterns of perception and behavior that had run my life since infancy and I have been able to shift them.  By “ego driven” I mean the drive that we all have to survive and thrive by demonstrating our value to others, regardless of what is for the highest good of the whole.  The ego-driven life is a me-based existence. Since being at The Stream, I have moved into a we-based existence. I have opened to a life that is more fully guided by higher consciousness – more guided by an intuitive knowing of what is for the highest good of the whole, which includes me.  I have deepened my connection with God and allowed God or “The Source” to guide me on a daily, ongoing basis far more than ever before.

All of this has prepared me to co-lead Consciousness Boot Camp – a 10-month program sponsored by The Stream and its affiliate, the Center for Healing & Higher Consciousness. Master D.K. has confirmed that The Stream and the Center, along with its program, Consciousness Boot Camp, comprise a preparatory school under the auspices of the Masters.  This intensive program trains people in tools and modalities that can assist one in becoming “a soul-infused personality” (as Master D.K puts it).  I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to contribute some of the modalities that I work with to assist in this training.

Consciousness Boot Camp teaches new paradigms, offers deep healing experiences that clear the unconscious, provides tools for self-healing and for helping others, and leads step-by-step to a God-centered life with a more reliable connection to higher consciousness. The program starts this month, September 2011, and materials will shortly be available via the internet. Its first live day-long session is taking place on October 8th, 2011, and you can come to The Stream in person or participate via the internet. At the same time, the entire program is going to be recorded and delivered via the internet, so that you can join Boot Camp any month you wish and do all your studying in your own time. For more information, click here.

This is a critical time in human history.  We need to complete our inner clearing work so that we may be less dominated by our egos and more available to higher consciousness.  I strongly urge you to consider participating in Consciousness Boot Camp to help to bring in the New Age! And I strongly urge you to take a look at The Stream community. Under Beth’s leadership guided by the Masters, this entire community is steeped in dedication to higher consciousness linked with the ability to bring that consciousness into daily life.

For those of you who know me personally, you will not be surprised that Beth and I are soon to be married, and our names will soon be James and Beth Maynard Green. If you think that our personal connection is prejudicing me, just check out Beth herself. For example, watch her latest video on The Cosmic Convergence: Is It Real and What Is Our Part? Just click here, and see for yourself what Beth channeled on the spot this September.

Please join us!

For additional information, click on Consciousness Boot Camp, the Consciousness Boot Camp Manifesto and The Stream. Beth’s teachings are spreading around the world. You are invited to read some of her blogs at the AOL Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/beth-green, or view some of her videoed presentations at Youtube.com. Go to the ForUnity channel. You can start with her video on the Cosmic Convergence and then look at her many presentations on that channel. Enjoy!

James Maynard, Ph.D., J.D.

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