Our Mission

People everywhere are mobilizing to co-create a more humane and ecologically conscious world. Yet we may not be confronting the fundamental issue: The purpose of any society and economy must be to meet the needs of its members and the earth. Ours doesn’t do that. Instead, it focuses on money and profit.

If any society fails to nurture and regenerate its members and their children, that society won’t thrive or even survive. Yet we accept to live in a society and economy that brutalizes us. There’s obvious brutality in our sports, penal system, racism, sexism, homophobia, personal relationships, music, politics and more. But beyond that, there is brutality at the core of our system. We are being used to make money. The economy doesn’t serve us; we serve it. And while our fundamental human needs are not being met, we have internalized the view that the resultant financial and emotional stress, alienation, addiction and suppressed anger are somehow our fault. Almost worse yet, we perpetuate the system, as we unconsciously condition our children to fit into the world as it is. And we treat our planet with the same disregard for its needs, with life-threatening results.

Meanwhile, we are being divided against one another as a way to distract us from demanding the fundamental change we all need. Race, political party, even class distinctions can blur the truth that we are all suffering in a system that serves no one but the system itself. Even top white male executives are stressed, as they compete to stay on top by promoting profits above the well-being of themselves as individuals and the world in which we all live.

TheInnerRevolution.Org declares:
The purpose of our society and economy is to meet the needs of people and the earth, including the needs for:
  • Love, connection and a sense of belonging and mutual empowerment
  • A social safety network that supports us
  • Meaningful work, opportunities to contribute, adequate financial resources and shorter work days, with more time for play, creativity, socializing and regeneration.
  • An educational system that nurtures our children’s bodies and minds and prepares them for life, not just work
  • Clean air, clean water, healthy food and more…

TheInnerRevolution.Org is a non-profit community which has chapters in several locations but reaches almost anywhere online. Our purpose is to counteract the insidious programming that has turned us against ourselves as well as one another and to help mobilize for the change we all need.

Based in San Diego and spreading through the internet, our nonprofit has just formed two chapters in Oregon: one in Eugene and one in Portland. Locally and online, we hold meetings of our own, speak at the events of others and spread the word through our music, commentary, videos and social media outlets. We offer men’s and relationship groups, workshops and retreats, individual counseling, free mutual support calls, books, music and an active Facebook presence. Our founder Beth Green, also known as Granny Rocks, is also available to speak, share and help bring us together.

TheInnerRevolution.Org is mobilizing people For a Change: We, humanity, are determined to care for ourselves on every level, including clean water, air and food; meaningful work; time for rest and regeneration; opportunities for mental development; a connection with nature; love and a feeling of safety, including financial security. And we can accomplish this, if we wake up to the problem and start making regeneration and reproduction our goal.Granny Rocks, a.k.a. Beth Green

Check out our website for upcoming events and ways to get involved and visit Granny’s website at http://grannyrockson.com/.

For more information, please contact [email protected] in San Diego, [email protected] in Phoenix, [email protected] in Eugene or [email protected] in Portland. 

We are reaching out to you. Please reach back to us, and let’s explore how we can work together!

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