Our Team

Our team enjoying a meal together during one of our winter retreats in Oregon.

We are an organization completely run by volunteers! Below are our dedicated staff, each of whom bring their unique skills, dedication, and passion to the organization -- we could not be more proud of our team!

Team Job Descriptions
Inner Revolutionary Central

Beth, James, Helen, Todd, Rosenilyne, Tracey, Ann, Mary Chris, Erica, Lizzy & Louann 

Inner Revolutionary Central (our Executive Committee) holds the vision for the organization and is responsible for overseeing all of our programs and staff. They receive guidance and support from our founder to focus and direct the activities of the organization and ensure that our actions are in alignment with our shared vision.


Helen and Todd

The Co-Directors are responsible for the overall functioning of the organization, with support from Inner Revolutionary Central. They oversee the other departments and are responsible for the staff, the programs, outreach efforts, and ensuring that the organization’s activities are in alignment with our mission.

President, Board of Directors

Chris Reese

The President oversees the organization’s activities and ensures that the activities we undertake are consistent with our mission and bylaws. 

Chief Financial Officer and Operations Manager

Rosenilyne Hopson

The CFO supports the energy of the organization through all of our financial endeavors, including working with our bookkeeper to make sure we have the funds and resources to function effectively, managing the schedule of events and private time with our founder, creating and managing our budget and preparing tax returns.

Bookkeeper and Registrar

Mary Chris Horan

The Bookkeeper and Registrar handles payments for every workshop and manages registration for all public events.

Social Media Team Co-Directors

Tracey Sridharan and Ann Brennan

Staff Members: Amy Lynn Kanner, Lizzy Treeheart, Todd Benton, Chris Reese, Rose Evans

The Social Media Team manages all aspects of our online presence and communicates the Inner Revolution to the world! Through the powerful tools of Facebook, Twitter, and our YouTube channel, our team shares news of the Inner Revolution and builds the community of Inner Revolutionaries around the globe.

Group Leaders Section
Inner Revolutionary Men Co-Leaders

Todd Benton, Richard Di Santo, Cary Reese

The Inner Revolutionary Men’s Group is dedicated to revolutionizing what it means to be a man in today’s world by overcoming painful, outdated ways of relating and instead building authentic, meaningful relationships with themselves, one another, and life itself. Group leaders attend supervision with our founder, facilitate meetings, and ensure that the group’s activities are in alignment with their mission statement.

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Relationships Group Co-Leaders

Richard Di Santo, Rose Evans, Scotty Evans, Anand Sridharan

The relationship group leaders support people to improve their relationships by bringing the principles of Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support as well as getting our true needs met into all of their relationships. Leaders attend supervision and facilitate biweekly meetings. Co-leaders manage registration for fee-based couples/relationship retreats three times a year, led by InnerRevolution.org founder Beth Green. Additionally, the group offers free, donation-based workshops co-facilitated by group leaders and a biweekly group mutual support call to discuss how to integrate and apply what was learned in the workshops and retreats. Attendees are not required to attend all three aspects of the program- join what calls to you!

Production Team Director

Erica Myers

Staff: Ann Brennan, Lizzie Treeheart, Rosenilyne Hopson

The Production Team handles all of the physical aspects of our events, from lighting and sound to room environment, chair set up, as well as scouting out new sites for workshops and retreats! This crew allows us to meet across all boundaries of space and across multiple time zones, through the miracles of videoconferencing!

Inner Revolutionary Coaching Chief Coach and Facilitator

Rose Evans

Members: Irene Brennan, Lynn Hillix, Richard Di Santo 

Inner Revolutionary Coaches bring their intuition and Inner Revolutionary perspective to helping people. Group members meet bi-weekly via video conferencing to learn and apply the tools and strategies outlined in The Handbook for the Inner Revolution, and get support to identify and address challenges they face in their work in supporting others to reach their potential. Chief Coach and Facilitator Rose brings her dedication, humility, and profound passion for healing and growth to the team, reminding us all to co-create meaningful relationships in every aspect of our lives! 

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