About The Author

Luke Hancock is the author of The Inner Revolution, a revolution of awareness and growth that has taken place within him and can take place within all of us. Luke spent 15 plus years building up a very successful career in the field of global corporate sales in IT and Telecoms in Europe. Like most of us, he experienced many ups and downs. Having reached the top of his sales career by his early thirties and following a certain incident in his life, he made a courageous life changing decision that would transform his life forever. A decision that would change his perspective of life on all fronts. The decision, to leave it all behind and follow a life long dream, to explore the world in the pursuit of happiness and the true meaning of life. Luke did just this and experienced many life changing experiences along the way. Some of the most important ones he shares very personal accounts of in his book with you. His intention, through sharing his personal experiences will add value to your life and finding your life’s purpose.

Everything in this book is based on Luke’s personal experience and wisdom received. Luke is no master. He is a regular guy who has been on a life changing journey around the world and has decided to very openly share this rich experience with you in the hope that you may take something of value from his experiences and observations.

Luke is now trained both as a qualified Environmental Practitoner with IEMA and as a Professional Life Coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner).

From the Author

I have written this book from my heart as if the reader was sitting in front of me throughout the process. I have also written this book with a view to adding value to peoples lives by sharing my experiences and knowledge gained. Knowledge and experience gained from corporate life in the rat race and international business. From traveling 18 months around the world on my own, living with and being with local people from other cultures locals. And finally from spending time in Buddhist retreats and ashrams and learning about forgotten philosophies for living a truly happy and fulfilling life.

I have tried to gather all my experiences, information and knowledge gained on the subject of well being, happiness and purpose in this one book. I attempt to bring knowledge from many years of reading several books combined with my personal experiences into this one book.

Please take from it what resonates with you, leave what you don’t like. Please discuss and share online. I do believe it is partly through sharing that the process of learning and heightened awareness about ourselves and the world around us can go a little faster.

If you have any enquiries or questions please feel free to contact Luke via the following email address. [email protected] Luke will reply personally.

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