Over the past six years I have been through a long and sometimes painful process of healing, change and personal transformation. I felt an urge to share what I have learned along the way. Ideas, concepts that I had not been taught in school and yet I found were essential if i was to live up to or near my true potential as a person. i do believe we are actually far more powerful than we may have realised or imagined.

Writing this book has now become my first step in wanting to reach out and share and help others begin their own journey of self awareness and personal transformation. I would like to help others in a more hands on way, both in one to one coaching and workshop/retreat facilitation.

I am now trained and qualified as a Professional Life Coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) practitioner to help coach others in their lives. All transformational life coaching is performed in a completely confidential manner. In addition I am now in the process of creating and building a center for healing, teaching and self empowerment. That center is called Mundos Divinos. (We are extending the possibility to other interested people to join us in building the center. Click on the link if you are interested in getting involved).

Furthermore I wish to create a possibility for readers and myself get in contact. I plan to do this through a monthly call via Skype which will be free for all to join for all those who have read the book. Here I will endeavor to answer specific questions that readers have sent in before the call and on the call itself about the book.

Finally I will talk on specific topics as and when I receive requests. This will be a way for you all to begin to get to know me better and for me to better understand the particular challenges faced by you. My intention is for this to be an informal friendly learning process of exchange.

If you are interested in joining the monthly call please send me an email and I will begin to prepare our first call. Thank you and do join our online community.

Luke. [email protected]

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