Joanna Marion, Entrepreneur Organic Vision, Germany.

“Are you dreaming to take a break from the rat race and go traveling? Are you searching for a more meaningful life? Then this book is for you!  Luke Hancock has written a captivating story about his personal experience of traveling the world, discovering the power of Reiki and meditation and becoming a change agent. Highly inspiring and deeply empowering!”


Simon Steenholt, Scuba Diving instructor, Denmark.

“What do you do, when you have it all: the good career, the beautiful girlfriend, the fast car… and yet something just doesn’t feel right? This is what Luke experienced and he was forced to take a deep, hard look at his life and he realized that he had to change it. And so he did: he went on a journey that took him deep into other cultures, nature and into himself. This is an inspiring book about finding your own way in the world and discovering what you are here to do.”


Brigitte Meillon, Dentist, France.

“Luke’s book is a discovery for some and a reminder for others, that each one of us can CHOOSE to be happy and make our lives matter. He shows with great spirit, how choosing is difficult, but in the end so enlightening”

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