About The Book

Have you ever felt trapped or suffocated in a job? Have you ever felt lost or anxious about your life? Or do you feel like your heading nowhere and perhaps fast, like time is passing you by. Like sand falling from your hand. You don’t know what you are doing with your life or why it is going in a particular direction. You may even have a feeling that you are losing your personal power. That life has all become or is becoming too much. I have felt all the above and I was lost and exhausted. Overwhelmed by the rat race and the pace of corporate life. Finally I crashed and burned. I became no use to myself or anyone else.

This is a very contemporary book, written by a modern man facing the same contemporary challenges and issues his reader and our society as a whole face. Isolation. Competition. Feeling lost, hurt, pain. Suffering from a poverty of spirit. A lack of meaning in life. Unexpressed potential and creativity. But while living through these intense times in the corporate rat race I found another way. A way, I now realise, that has existed since humans has existed. This other way to be, to view life, to make decisions,  has always been there. But perhaps in more recent times this knowledge and wisdom has got lost along the way. Lost in the frantic pursuit of societies to modernize and develop.

It is precisely in this era of digital technology, everything moving at the speed of light and external perceived power of Big Brother that this knowledge, this awareness, this personal power is so badly needed. Needed to help us take our personal power back, to take control back of our lives. To reclaim our lives and find our true place and path in this world. A path of happiness, meaning and deep contentment. I sincerely believe I have something that can make a huge difference in your life, that can really transform your life and I want to share it with you. The benefit for you could be personal transformation

Without giving the story away, this book has three main elements to it, offered in a healthy balance. There is first and foremost the personal journey of myself, some of it very funny, some of it courageous and some of it painful. This personal journey of awareness and transformation takes place partly while I am still in the middle of the corporate rat race and all the trapping of sex, drugs and rock and roll that go with this life. But also while I am traveling the world, experiencing other cultures and ways. During this time new insights and perspectives begin to rise and take shape within me due to my observations and new experiences. Some of these insights might seem perhaps a little provocative to our current consumer thinking culture but I feel it necessary to break the illusions and facades. To break the fear of becoming aware and self empowered with new perspectives. Finally there is a strong element of wisdom gleaned by myself from being in retreats and ashrams in India and Nepal. Spending time, learning from masters such as Buddha. It is just mind boggling how powerful these insights and teachings are. Life changing I promise. Powerful on both the individual level in the support and growth of generating personal power and on the global level in exercising your power. I add some exercises in the latter part of the book that really helped me to reflect on and tune in on the direction of my life and what I wanted to do. I hope it will do the same for you.

The difference with this book is that it is both a gripping and very personal true story that also contains real substance, real wisdom that will both add tremendous value to the readers life but also inspire and empower you, the reader to make the necessary steps and changes you want to make in your life. This is done through a step by step process of awareness and change.

This is a unique and powerful book and a very special read indeed.

I have enjoyed every part of living and writing it.


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