Pictures Of The Trip

I have created a gallery of some of my favourite pictures taken during my 18 months exploring the world. It was during this time, through creating space in my life that large changes, revolutionary changes began to take place within me. I was influenced greatly by what I saw, experienced and heard through conversations, events and teachings. My mind and heart opened. But I must say you don’t have to travel for these changes to start happening inside you. In fact, you being here, possible having read my book, means the curiosity to change, grow, heal, evolve has already begun within you.

I believe we live in a time of self help, self action and self initiative. Why? Because there is so much information and support out there on the web and in libraries along with many qualified healers and teachers out there to help us. What is required from your side is action. I hope that these pictures and videos inspire you to listen to your heart and take action wherever you are in your life right now. If that is not enough, then please contact me and i maybe able to help you further. See Coaching.

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