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Revolutionize yourself and your life. You won’t believe what you can learn about yourself by consulting with Beth!

And now she is offering personal and relationship counseling sessions, private creative arts coaching, groups and more. See below which might best support you. If you are not sure whether you need counseling or arts consulting, please write to me at [email protected], so that we can decide together.

20 Minutes with Beth

After more than 35 years as an intuitive counselor doing lengthy counseling sessions, Beth is able to offer something more powerful: 20 Minutes with Beth. For the cost of $100, you will receive a private consultation, which is quick, direct and impactful, and sessions are available anywhere in the world because they are held on the internet. In the course of 20 minutes,  Beth will help you cut through your own maze of confusions, conflicts and self-deceptions and help you transform.

My “20 minutes” with Beth was amazing! I love that we jumped right into it with the first question. It helped me to see what I really needed from the session. From there, it was like we were on a bullet train. I was shocked by how much we covered in 20 minutes—the quantity and quality of the consulting seemed like it should have taken an hour. Beth’s clarity of vision and ability to connect to and channel divine wisdom are unparalleled. She is incredible at getting at the heart of the matter and helped me not only to see reality clearly but relax and take the steps I need to support my evolution. Rosenilyne Hopson

Sessions are conducted via Zoom conferencing and are audio only. When you register, you’ll receive all the instructions.

If you’re skeptical about what Beth can do in 20 minutes, read some of the testimonials on this page. You can also tune into a few of her sessions at Beth Green TV on YouTube. Check out the “Is This You?” series or watch her video called The Power of Intuitive Counseling, where she discusses intuitive counseling and offers a demonstration of her work (formerly called 15 Minutes with Beth). Beth’s insights and healing powers can really shake up your old ways of thinking and feeling. So the support shouldn’t end there. You can always participate in one of the many support groups in TheInnerRevolution.Org or follow up with another session.

Beth went into such depth in 20 minutes! The time was loaded, dense and intense. By the end of 20 minutes I felt grounded, clear, supported and empowered.Annette Hughes

Intuitive Coaching in Music, Art, Writing, Acting & More: Let Granny Rocks Help You Become the Artist You Are!

Granny (Beth) helped me see, in one session how I’ve shut down around my greatest self-expression…movement.  Within 30 minutes I understood with compassion the cause of my shut down and then the support to connect once again to this freedom of expression.  I am grateful for Beth’s gifts that unraveled this protective layer in me so I can begin to soar again.Rose Evans

Beth Green is also known as Granny Rocks: The Music & the Message, and she has the capacity to reach deep into herself and express what’s there. She would like to help you do the same for yourself. She is a skilled musician and writer, but more importantly, she can work with people in any artistic field because she is highly intuitive and can feel whenever you are off, stuck or disconnected. She is not trying to help you sound, draw, move or act like her. She is trying to help you be like you!

I’m amazed at the breakthrough I got out of my creative arts intuitive coaching session with Beth and with how unexpectedly it came about. And, I mean that in the very best way. I’m a musician and a website designer and in this first session we focused on music because I’m experimenting with songwriting. I wanted help from Beth because my journey into songwriting has been very labored – more like a chore than a creative expression. In fact, I was starting to think to myself, “I just don’t have it.” Without going into the details of what Beth had me do, the result is that I am totally freed up and my natural musicality and playfulness came out in a wonderful way. And, it’s not just a one-time event because I am continuing to practice the exercise she gave me during the session. Thank you so much Beth! I can’t wait to schedule my next session.Todd Benton

As she has done for many years with other artists, she will create a personalized program for you. Please be aware that she is NOT there to help you with technique (there are others more qualified), and she cannot make you who you are not. But if you are willing to hear the truth and have the guts to change from the inside out, she can help you become the artist you really are. These sessions are integrated into her regular session times, which you can find out by clicking the calendar link at the bottom of this page. Her arts consulting rate is $100 for a 20 minute session via videoconference.  You can schedule yourself through the auto-scheduler. In one session, you might have a breakthrough, so why not give it a try? She looks forward to collaborating with you on either refining your work or transforming it. Just click here to schedule your appointment.

Just had a wonderful experience with my first creativity session! I hope the universe sends us more money, because I would love to continue! It’s so powerful and fun!Helen Hillix
After one coaching session, I experienced a greater depth of feeling and musical expression than I ever had before. I also experienced greater originality. I was playing less for effect and playing more genuinely what I was feeling with the music. I ended the session feeling very happy. I’m very much looking forward to my next session next week and practicing my “new dimension” in playing and singing!James Maynard

Working with Beth through Workshops, Retreats & Ongoing Training Groups — In Person & Online

And there are other opportunities to work with Beth live. She offers half-day retreats for our men’s group (yes, she leads the men’s retreats, and they are amazing) and relationship groups, both of which are also ongoing. Plus there’s the very impactful Inner Revolutionary Training, a comprehensive transformational consciousness training program which Beth also leads on an ongoing basis, where we heal, grow and develop our abilities to become positive change agents in the world. This program also includes two weekend retreats a year. All these activities are covered under a monthly fee, and all are available via videoconference. Use the auto-scheduler below to register for any of these retreats. And contact us directly for more information about the our powerful ongoing Inner Revolutionary Training program. Email [email protected].

I actually got what I needed from Beth in five minutes, which doesn’t surprise me with Beth! She’s extremely insightful. We talked about a fear I’ve had that has held me back my entire life. I felt freed up from the session and validated that the positive changes I’ve been noticing in myself lately are real and valid. What fun!Christine Benton

For all these offerings and Beth’s other teaching, training and outreach, including her books and music, check out this website and the amazing support system offered by Beth and her community. Also check out the website of Granny Rocks: The Music & the Message, which is where Beth focuses on her music, albums and mission.

So why not schedule your appointment with Beth? We have a fully automated system, so you can book your own appointment online wherever you are in the world. Just go to the bottom of this page, set your time zone, and get started!

In my first 20 Minutes with Beth, we accomplished a lot. She helped me become aware of a pattern I’ve had my entire life, helped me to heal and to identify a new direction I am eager to take. Amazing, and in only 20 minutes! Tracey Sridharan

You can also watch her videos on Beth Green TV on YouTube.

To schedule your private time with Beth/ Granny Rocks, select your time zone below and find an available time! 

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