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Inner Revolutionary Couples and Relationships is a group of couples and individuals in TheInnerRevolution.Org who are dedicated to working together to change the world through revolutionizing our relationships.

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Our program offers half-day retreats and ongoing support meeting via video conference that help people to transform. We all know that relationships of all kinds can fulfill a deep human need; they can be a home base for our lives, but only if we learn to not collude with each other in unconscious behaviors or develop negative habits such as shaming or blaming one another when conflicts arise. Relationships can be extremely challenging, and we have found that the key to healthy relating is our ability to intervene and support one another with love and awareness. Without the willingness to be self-aware and the courage to intervene with each other, couples deteriorate into collusion: “I’ll let you continue your unhealthy patterns if you let me do the same.” Love provides the emotional wellbeing that supports that level of trust, honesty and self-honesty.

Our work is based on the principles of the Inner Revolution, a movement that is changing the world, and we want to do whatever we are guided to do that supports that mission. We also realize that in order to be true inner revolutionaries, our relationships need to transform and become more conscious. Our program helps us to develop both love and awareness, as well as the courage to intervene with one another.

We offer fee-based workshops three times a year, led by Beth Green, and bi-weekly free support calls for couples to discuss how to integrate and apply what was learned in the workshops and retreats. These are free mutual support calls in which couples learn to support and intervene with each other using the principles and practices taught by Beth Green in the workshops and in her ground-breaking book, “Living with Reality: Who We Are, Who We Could Be, How We Get There” (available as a free download at 

Participants in the program build a deep level of trust with each other and are strengthened by the experience of knowing that they are never alone with the challenges of their relationships. It takes courage to be real and it takes hard work and practice to develop the strength needed.

It is an ongoing series and anyone can enter anytime. Those who have been participating, either just beginning or over a period of years, all rave about the benefits they have gained: more intimacy, more satisfaction, more harmony, more understanding, more trust, more relaxation — all the things we all long for in our relationships.

If you have a thirst to make a difference in human consciousness and for healthy, thriving relationships that support you to grow in well-being and awareness, look no further. You have found friends. Call Rose Evans for more information at 760-822-3272 or email her at [email protected] To attend our next workshop or retreat, please click here.

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