We offer weekend and half-day retreats to expand our consciousness, deepen our awareness and understanding of the Inner Revolutionary principles, and inspire us to take action as Inner Revolutionaries to co-create a better world.
Weekend Retreats

At least once a year, we travel to Oregon for uplifting, magical, transformative weekend retreats led by our founder, Beth Green, and held at her beautiful home she shares with her husband, James, in Mackenzie Bridge, Oregon. These twice annual weekend retreats are co-located in San Diego and Oregon though video conference so traveling to Oregon is not mandatory and makes these retreats available from anywhere in the world via web conferencing. However, if you can make it to one of the in person locations, that’s preferred. Check out the video below from our June 2017 retreat, titled, “Creativity as a Way of Life: Breaking the Habit of Habit”, where we learned to let go of old habits and ways of being that no longer serve us, so that we can be open and present to the divine guidance that is available to us at every moment!

Prices are $267 per person for the weekend retreats. Accommodations are not included, but can be arranged through our Production Coordinator, Erica Myers at [email protected] To see a list of our upcoming retreats,  click here.

Half-Day Retreats

In addition to weekend retreats, we offer periodic half day men’s and relationships/couples retreats for both couples and individuals, led by Beth Green.

Click here for more information on the men’s group, Inner Revolutionary Men and our quarterly retreats. 

Click here for information on our Relationships/Couples Group and it’s periodic retreats.

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