Service Begins at Home

The work of caring for the physical needs of the family and community belongs to all of us.

The following exercise re-introduces us all, young and old, to the spirit of service in a way that will transform the way you relate to chores and projects. Through this process we get to experience how teaming up to tackle chores and projects together creates an environment of connection that nurtures all of us.

When we practiced this exercise with a group of 30+ adults and kids, we all marveled at the fun we had, whether we were weeding the yard, tending to the animals, washing cars or preparing snacks. In fact, we couldn’t get some of the kids and adults to stop! Try this exercise and find out just how fun chores can be when we team up and connect.

Step One: Prepare
  • Gather the materials you’ll need. Have rags, buckets, brooms, rakes, clippers, environmentally friendly cleaning products, etc. available ahead of time. For those who are new to environmentally friendly cleaning products, this link is a great resource:
  • Also, you don’t need to do all of the prep work yourself. Have the whole family or community get involved in the process of planning out which chores you’ll do and which supplies you’ll need.
Step Two: Pre-Activity Discussion

Before beginning the work, gather everyone to discuss:

  • What is our attitude about chores?
  • What chores do we do at home? Anywhere else?
  • Do we do our best when we do them? If we don’t do our best, why is that?
  • Discuss how doing our best is as good for us as it is for others, because of the way it makes us feel about ourselves.
  • Do we view certain chores as “Men’s work”, or “Women’s work”? How does that affect our willingness to do chores?
  • Do we see our home as an environment that nurtures us and that we want to support, or do we take it for granted?
  • Discuss each family member’s contribution to the entire family as an expectation of being a family member, with the individual supporting the whole while the whole supports the individual

Encourage all of the participants to notice how they feel in the process of doing the chore work.

Step Three: Nurture Your Space Together

Divide into pairs or groups and tackle a few items on the list, or do each activity together as a group!

Ideas for Activities/Chores:

  • Cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, washing windows, gardening, washing cars, bathing pets, folding laundry, preparing meals, vacuuming, raking leaves, and so on.
Step Four: Post-Activity Discussion
  • What was it like to do chores with others? How did it make you feel?
  • How can we apply what we learned today in our daily lives? At school? At home? Other community areas?

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