Support Groups

Each of the supervised support groups below meets online via telephone or web-conference either weekly or biweekly, and is facilitated by group members.

All groups are open and welcome to new members. There is no charge for these services-All of these groups collect donations to cover the cost of supervision from our founder, Beth Green; however, no one will be turned away if they can’t donate. Retraining our egos and raising our consciousness takes strength, courage, and ongoing support! We are stronger together, and these groups help us foster a sense of community with our fellow Inner Revolutionaries on the path. Join us!

Ego Recovery Group

This group supports us to identify, confront, and overcome the variety of ego-dominated behaviors we find ourselves engaging in when we encounter the inevitable pain of life. We all engage in self-destructive behaviors and addictions to cover that pain.

According to our founder, Beth Green, “Addictions are patterns of behavior that we develop in order to escape the fear and pain of our experience of reality.” Some of us turn to substances; others turn to behaviors, such as shopping, exercise, over-thinking, even spirituality, to avoid the pain and fear of life. Sound familiar? Want to do something about it? Join us as we bond with each other and learn together how to handle the ego and end the self-destruction that comes from its domination!

We are Utilizing the tips and strategies outlined in Beth Green’s book, Living with Reality: Who We Are, What We Could Be, How We Get There, as well as ongoing supervision from Beth, group members meet weekly via webconference to share our experiences and progress and get the loving, compassionate support we need to move forward, together!

Contact group leader Erica Myers at [email protected] for more information.

Relationship Support Group

Whether you want support for your couple (gay, straight, transgender) or any other kind of relationship, the relationship support group can offer you a group experience of connection and mutual support.

The group meets bi-monthly via video-conference with three half-day retreats per year. The members offer one another support based on the principles of TheInnerRevolution.Org and the book Living with Reality, by Beth Green.

For more information, click here or email Rose Evans at [email protected]

Inner Revolutionary Men’s Group

Our Men’s Group confronts the societal programming of men in our society, programming that takes men away from their authentic nature and from getting their true needs met — their needs for love, tenderness, partnership and nurturing. Men are taught instead to be competitive, dominating and violent. Our group supports men to connect to one another and to support each other to become their authentic selves. As a result, the men enjoy significant improvements in their experience of life, at work, as fathers, as husbands, in every area of life.

If you want more information about this group, click here. Or you may contact Todd Benton at [email protected]

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