The Author

Luke Hancock is the author of the life changing book, The Inner Revolution. Luke spent seventeen years building up a very successful career in the field of global corporate sales in IT and telecoms in Europe. Having reached the top of his sales career by his early thirties and following a certain incident in his life, he made a courageous life changing decision that would transform his life forever: the decision to leave it all behind and follow a life long dream, to explore the world in the pursuit of happiness and the true meaning of life. Today Luke is a fully trained and qualified Environmental Practitioner, Professional Life Coach (with the International Coaching Federation – ICF) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner with the American Board of NLP – ABNLP. Luke works with clients (who have both read and not read his book) through his life coaching practice to actively help others find their passions and gifts in life and help them realign their lives in accordance with their highest personal values so they may live happier, more fulfilling lives. Known worldwide as an inspirational life coach and spiritual teacher, there is international demand for his guidance and dedication to helping people and the planet reach their true potential. It is an opportunity to have direct access to such a writer at this time. From this book, it’s clear that his purpose is to share wisdom and communicate to numerous different audiences across the globe. To unite people and help them utilize their own gifts to contribute to what is truly the most exciting movement of our time. He believes that information should be accessible to everyone and that by using our resources and power of choice we can all make a huge difference to both our own happiness and that of the planet. Luke as an author has a wonderful gift but as a light worker his work and teachings are even more powerful. You can’t help but feel empowered, set free from old ways of thinking and behaving and shown a new way forward towards the path of sincere authentic happiness. A path we can all walk if we so choose. Luke is now in the process of building an ecological retreat on the south west coast of Thailand. The centre, Mundos Divinos, provides holiday/retreat packages, offering healing, educational and personal growth and empowerment workshops on all manner of topics to all types of people whilst on holiday. See


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