The Potluck Revolution: Building a Cooperative Society

Cooperation is American, and we’ve been brainwashed into thinking it’s communist and evil. Beth Green, a.k.a Granny Rocks, founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org, is calling for us to co-create a Potluck Society, which is what we want and need.

“Cooperation is the essence of who we are.” Beth Green
If you haven’t yet seen the video that launched The Potluck Revolution, watch it today and if you feel inspired, share it. If you’ve already seen the video, read on below for what you can do to help build the Potluck Revolution.

The Potluck Revolution, which is the creation of a cooperative society, is totally natural to us. At a potluck, those who have the most bring the most expensive items, and those who have the least bring the beans. And we all eat. To co-create such a world, we have to choose to feed the cooperative part of us, rather than the egoic part that is fed every day through our economy, society and popular culture. And we need to do this together. A potluck won’t work if we don’t all bring something to the table. Yes, we need a political revolution, but we also need an economic, social and spiritual revolution as well. The Potluck Revolution is calling for just that.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started making a Potluck Revolution in your world:
  • Organize a potluck in your community: at your workplace, school, in your clubs, associations and “meetups,” parent groups, in your co-ops or wherever you congregate with others for a collective purpose. Brainstorm about how you can expand cooperation, and unite based on oneness, accountability and mutual support.
  • Invite Granny to talk to your group via videoconference. She’s raring to go.

Granny has a plan and she’ll be putting out more information in the near future. We’ll also be adding more ideas. And, feel free to add yours by writing to or by commenting on this page. And please contact Helen if you’d like to invite Granny to speak to your group.

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