The Stream Has Been Strengthened

During the past month, The Stream has continued our journey toward integrating higher consciousness into everyday life. We had two transformational group experiences: at the monthly Spiritual Service (in which we focused on our words for the year) and an in-service led by Beth and her new partner, James Maynard, for the purpose of strengthening our connection to the Brotherhood. For those of you not familiar with the Brotherhood, it is a metaphor for the consciousness manifested in such ascended masters as Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, St. Germaine and many others. 

Those of us in attendance at the in-service had an experience of higher consciousness that enhanced our ability to connect to it and bring its wisdom into our lives. We left feeling calmer and clearer, and even those who could not attend have felt the energetic shift. That’s one of the benefits of being a collective! 

Don’t miss the Mind/Body/Spirit Expo this weekend (see Upcoming Events) for our booth (shared with James Maynard) and the presentation by James and Beth on Sunday at 11. It’s another opportunity to grow stronger together. 

Hot off the press! James has offered The Stream to share his booth at the Conscious Living Expo at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel, Friday February 11-Sunday the 13th. Call Erica at 760-529-2488 if you can help.

Our strength also comes from having a broader base.  In January, we experienced an influx of people joining Intuition Training, wanting to develop the power of using intuition to guide them. Men Getting Real with Men also made a leap forward, signing a statement of intention together and solidifying their connection via a powerful workshop about overcoming the fear of relationships. A new group of 14 people started the Sex and Spirituality series of workshops and support groups. These are all on top of the regular workshop series for Living with Reality and all the other mutual support groups and workshop series already in progress. 

Rozz Hopson is editing the video from the Healing Arts Theatre in preparation for offering HAT to other venues. Todd Benton is working hard to prepare content for a proposal to WorldShift Media , one of Ervin Laszlo’s organizations to bring consciousness to the world via all types of media. 

We collected more than $2300 in year-end donations! Wonderful news! If you would like to donate and haven’t, please do so via our website donation tab or contact any staff person. We always welcome the strength that comes from an influx of green energy. Smile.

 We all hope to see you on the 5-6 at the Mind/Body/Spirit Expo and at the Spiritual Service on the 13th at 9.  

I want to close this month’s newsletter by asking us all to send chi for Terry Davis, who is making her transition from the seen to the unseen (her word for the year). As I write this edition of The Current, Terry is the process of dying. We celebrate her life and her spirit and her commitment to consciousness. She completed her work here before the end of this life and we applaud her efforts and her commitment to growing until the end. We will always think of her fondly.

 Much love to all and peace,

 Helen Hillix-Di Santo, MA, MFT

Stream Spiritual Director 

Staff and Board of The Stream


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