Training Programs offers powerful training programs designed and led by Beth Green to develop change agents of all kinds, people who have a passion for making an inner revolution, to change human consciousness from the inside out. Whether you are a therapist, social worker, body worker, doctor, nurse, teacher, businessperson or parent, we have a training program that can help you develop the consciousness and skills you need to make more of a difference, starting NOW.

School for Inner Revolutionary Counselors & Change Agents


The Inner Revolution requires us to be ready, willing and trained to intervene with ourselves and our world. The School for Inner Revolutionary Counselors & Change Agents will prepare you for this important work. Beth is a powerful intuitive with amazing gifts that allow her to see to the core of a person’s issues and go to the heart of the healing in a very short time. She will stun you with her ability to achieve in a few minutes what might take other counselors weeks or months to see. And she train YOU to use these same intuitive gifts to enhance your own abilities and to develop strength in intervening with others to offer them support.

Whether you want to intensify your abilities as a licensed therapist or become certified as a hypnotherapist or you want to develop intuitive counseling skills to be a better mother or business manager or political activist, Beth’s School may be just what you have been looking for. This ongoing program provides a combination of online learning (a video intensive of 10 days of training) and a live component, taught by Beth in southern Oregon or available by video conferencing from anywhere in the world. Click here for complete information about the school and how to register.


Consciousness Boot Camp (CBC) is an ongoing training program available live or completely online and you can participate wherever you are. If you have a passion for self-honesty and conscious evolution, check out our monthly training workshops. They are intense, transformative and challenging to the ego, but bring deep and permanent changes to anyone who dedicates him/herself to the process. Beth leads Consciousness Boot Camp and is present live via video conferencing from Oregon. The live portion of the training takes place in northern San Diego County. Click here for complete information about Consciousness Boot Camp.