Unleashing the Power of Kids

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Unleashing the Power of Kids: Mobilizing Them Through Fitness, Cooperation, Service & Thought

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The fate of humanity and our planet is not only resting in our hands, but more and more it is resting in the hands of our children. And what are they learning? What kinds of attitudes and values are our children bringing into their term of running the world?

At TheInnerRevolution.Org, we are people and families who are concerned about the violence, bullying, over-competitiveness and self-centeredness in our world. And, we’re doing something about it. We’re examining ourselves, and at the same time we’ve been examining what we are teaching our children. As a result, we’ve created a campaign called Unleashing the Power of Kids. We welcome all kids, adults and families who want to participate in this campaign, regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or any other distinction.

What Do Kids – and We – Really Need?

We’ve thought about what kids really need for their happiness and development and how to best meet those needs. The following is a brief description of what came to us. Kids need:


Physical fitness is hugely important for people of all ages for their health and well-being, physically, mentally and psychologically. Plus, it’s a great way of channeling youthful energies. But fitness shouldn’t have to come at the cost of health or be accompanied by the dehumanization of opponents. Let’s create cooperative games and sports that foster physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It’s not that hard, if we embody these values.


Whether in the mental or physical realms, focusing on competition hurts all kids. It makes them feel that they need to win, sometimes at all costs. Winning can puff them up and cause them to strain beyond their capacities and sometimes even to cheat. Competition also creates pain in “losers,” who feel shame and embarrassment. Sometimes they respond by trying to bully others in order to feel powerful. Why is physical and mental competition so much a part of our training of kids, who then carry that attitude into adult life? We all feel better when we come together as a team, whether that’s in our families, communities, classrooms or sports teams. But now let’s look even beyond teams battling one another. Let’s start envisioning games and activities where there is only one team working together. Let’s start feeding cooperation instead of competition and violence. Let’s start training our kids to realize themselves in a cooperative environment, and we’ll see our world change.


If we stop competing, how do we feel our value? Kids and adults who serve others gain self-esteem from contributing, not from winning. The experience provides them with the warmth and safety of love and connection. Each person can contribute at whatever level they are capable and so everybody can feel the benefits of helping others.

We need to incorporate service into our kids’ programs, which could include physical activities, like building homes with Habitat for Humanity, or learning to garden, or visiting the elderly or hospitals. Service can be accomplished by kids of almost any age, if the service is geared to their abilities. When we come together to help one another, we feel happy. Let’s emphasize service, not for the benefit that it offers the “recipient,” but for the benefit it offers us ALL, including those who serve.


Kids need more than information, they need to learn how to think, at school, at home and in all social interactions. When adults want to maintain the status quo, they don’t encourage kids to think. Instead, we try to impose conformity on our kids, so that we won’t feel embarrassed, threatened and challenged. But our times need new solutions, and our kids need to learn to think in order to find those solutions. If we train our children to think, we unleash their power to co-create a better world.

The Invitation:

We invite anyone interested to participate in the Campaign to Unleash the Power of Kids. We can’t even imagine what the next generation would be able to accomplish if we trained them to work together in a new way. And, we hope you join us in whatever way works for you.

Some Things You Can Do
  1. Pass this page on to your friends personally or via Facebook or other social media platforms. Just click the buttons at the top of this page.
  2. Watch a 20-minute video by our founder Beth Green on Unleashing the Power of Kids if you haven’t already. Talk about it, “Like” it, share it and make comments on our Facebook page.
  3. Contact Helen Hillix ([email protected] or call her at 760-990-9053), our Campaign Lead and Director of Outreach at TheInnerRevolution.Org to learn more, share your ideas or host an event.
  4. Consider sponsoring the Campaign, and discuss it with Helen.
  5. Check out the activities below that you can do with children, kids of just about any age (over age 3) and adults too. We’ll be adding more in the future, so please be sure to check back.
  6. Follow us on Facebook, and keep abreast of the progress of the Campaign.


    Each of the buttons below links to a page with all of the details. We’ve made these pages with very simple layouts so that you can easily print them out or read them with a tablet or phone. 

    Checking In

    How do we make decisions that benefit everyone, including ourselves? Learn about and practice this extremely helpful process created by TheInnerRevolution.Org founder, Beth Green.

    Checking in

    Summer Camp Anytime

    Summer Camp is not just for summer, it’s something that we can do anytime. And it can be great fun for all involved!

    Summer Camp Anytime

    Service Starts at Home

    Where did we get the notion that chores are a “drag” — things I have to do and then I can have fun? In our families, of course! This document re-introduces us all, young and old, to the spirit of service that will transform the way you relate to chores and projects.

    Service Starts at Home

    Making Amends

    What do we do when we hurt another person, either intentionally or unintentionally? For most of us, we learned to say “I’m sorry.” While that’s an important step, that alone rarely restores the relationship to a state of wholeness, because it’s missing a crucial element. This amends process takes the normal apology and adds the missing elements for reconciliation to occur: acknowledging the impact on the other person and  then asking for forgiveness. Try it out in your family, or with anyone!

    Making Amends

    Dealing with Differences

    This activity deals with the work of helping all of us to acknowledge and understand our differences while noting our commonalities.

    Dealing with Differences

    Embrace Cultural Diversity

    We each have a rich cultural history and also diverse qualities– let’s embrace who we are and each other!

    Embrace Cultural Diversity

    How to Increase Cooperation

    This exercise was originally done for a class of fourth graders who were having trouble cooperating with each other and their teachers. They were all trying to get their needs met. Their teacher had tried all she knew and was getting nowhere. Through this exercise the kids were able to see each others’ and the teachers’ value and begin to cooperate more. This exercise can work for a family, group, neighborhood, or in your classroom.

    How to Increase Cooperation

    About TheInnerRevolution.Org

    TheInnerRevolution.Org is an online community and non-profit organization that is supporting people everywhere and anywhere who are trying to live from a place of Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support. We encourage everyone to do what works for them in their local communities, but we encourage all to learn more about the Inner Revolutionary principles of Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support, since these principles underlie our program and support us all.

    Let’s help co-create a different future by Unleashing the Power of Kids. Join us!

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